This is how I look today after juggling my new school schedule. You see, due to Russia I had to drop two classes; Speech and a major course. I had planned on making up the major course beginning in July, but realized I also needed to take my Speech class in summer so that I can still graduate in December. If you don’t know, summer classes are very condensed, so I will need to go to school for 3 hours a day, four days a week – that doesn’t leave room for my major course!

SO! Today, I switched my major course to take place in Laguna Hills from 6/11-7/9 and will enroll in my Speech class to run from 7/9-8/14. Except JUST NOW I see the overlap of the last and first day of these classes so I am freaking out again! So this post is short because I need to see about another speech class. Sigh.

While my GE classes will all be ending by June, I still have three Bible classes that also need to be done! I am currenly enrolled in Romans, but still need another plus ACTS, the latter of which must be taken at Biola.

I really thought things would be settling down after June, but that is surely not the case! Just gotta get my eyes fixed on December…….

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