Delayed update from the Gina

I tried to post yesterday, but due to technical difficulties, my beautifully written words were lost and the post is in blog heaven! So today, I will try again!

Let’s see, where to begin!

  • Drama – Deana sometimes asks me why I post some of my innermost feelings on a public venue. Well, I guess it’s therapeutic in a way. More so are the prayers that were lifted up in my behalf, which I have felt and appreciated! The “drama” of my heart being broken has been PARTIALLY resolved. I feel much better moving forward and the pain I experienced has diminished significantly.
  • Kenny – On Tuesday night I had an awesome time with my son. We were doing our devotions (called “devos” in my house) and he was getting all excited because he was looking forward to telling some of his friends at school what he had learned (we were finishing up Exodus and apparently the school had been covering some Jewish beliefs recently). Further, he randomly asked, “Hey Mom, if the devil ruled on the earth, you know how that is gonna happen, would you bow to him?” I told him no and said I might be scared of what would happen to me, but that even if I died I would rather die and be with the Lord then never see the Lord and live. He went on to say, “I wouldn’t be scared, because either Jesus would protect me and I wouldn’t be hurt, or I would die and be with Him. So I guess I win either way.” I was so happy at that moment and totally blessed. And, of course, the timing was perfect!
  • Josh – He is a real swimmer now, no jackets or floaties or anything! He even swam all the way across the pool without stopping! I am so proud of him. He even tried diving, which amounted to being more like belly flops, but for being a little hesitant to take chances he has really blossomed (and he STILL loves to read for fun like his MOM!)
  • Zack and Sophia – they are adjusting to their new lives amazingly well. Every day when I come home from work I hear Zack screaming, “Gina, spateneetzia!” (Gina, look!) and he shows me all the things he has done during the day (or flips into the pool, or dances before jumping in the pool or you name it!). Sophia follows me around, calling my name, and otherwise wrestling with me.
  • Deana – is doing well being a mom… well, she is even better at bossing ME around! LOL Just kidding. She is very happy.
  • Stephanie – she is a wonderful nanny and I love her.

Okay, that is it for now!

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