Update on School and other boring things…..

I know, you’re just so excited to read this post! Deana is still hoarding the pics so I am not able to post Kenny’s baptism of other pics at present. BUT, I will duly threaten her today so hopefully pics will be posted later!

Okay, so about school – as you might remember, I had to drop one of my major classes in order to be able to go to Russia. No problem – I am scheduled to make it up in July with another cohort (group) at Biola. However, that kind of messed up my big plan of taking my Bible courses et all. So I was a little stressed and not looking forward to going to school several times a week again, which I thought was going to end this May.

So I was poking around the Biola web page and noticed that online Bible classes could be taken at Taylor University, which is located in Indiana. I researched some more and this is TRULY an online class in that there is not a group of people that meet during a set timeframe, which is what I am used to. Instead, you can sign up anytime and have 6 months to complete the course. There are not deadlines, for example, this homework is due one week, this homework the next. You have assignments that need to be turned in, that’s it! I was so excited! So I enrolled in the Romans class, ordered my books, and am back on track! I plan on taking another class once I’m done with Romans, which would leave me with the Acts class which must be taken at Biola. So I feel much better.

So the only other class I need to figure out is Speech, which must be taken in person. I will see what I can do!

Work is going well also. I am a little busy, which is exactly how I like it! I truly love my job and love to learn about ministries! I love talking to these churches – it’s very different from the secular world. While there ARE occassions where these Christians appear to be very human (and maybe even cranky!), overall it is more pleasant.

The kids are AWESOME! I love coming home to see them and see what they rush to show me for the day. Yesterday Zack put on the monkey mask he got at the zoo and then he excitedly showed me the 300 PIECE puzzle he and Auntie Stephanie were working on. (He is VERY good with puzzles!). Sophia showed me her Cabbage Patch Baby and then ended up feeding me from the baby’s bottle which created howls of laughter (especially when I burped!). Then Sophia had a blast beating me up and wrestling with me.

The FUNNIEST thing was at dinner (we went to a Mexican restaurant), Deana told Sophia no more chips. Then I accidentally was like “yum yum yum” because I didn’t know Deana had said no more. So, feeling bad, I snuck a chip to Sophia. Deana, rightly so, was not happy so I had to pretend to be in big trouble and gave Deana my hand to slap. Well, all of a sudden Sophia starts lecturing me and asks for my hand and slaps it! Keep in mind, she’s STILL EATING the chip I gave her! Oh, and she also asked for another! Sophie LOVES to pretend she’s the boss and lecture me and I love it (at least right now!)

I can also testify that Sophia DOES love Drew! You should see her face when they talk! She adores him.

Okay, it’s a Saturday morning and it just turned 5am – what am I doing up?!?!!?! Well, first of all I think I went to bed at 8:30 last night, which has been the latest this week (have been going to bed around 7:15……). More weird than that, STEPHANIE is up, too! She couldn’t sleep so she got up to do laundry! I enjoy the company but this is a weird morning for sure!

Must drink my coffee now – hope all is well with you!

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