Update on my Life

Howdy Peeps!

Not that anyone really reads this blog, but sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My hands have been pretty full holding things together (similar to me holding Drew and Victoria up in Italy.) But I am surviving.

For I time I had FOUR classes at once; Statistics, Multicultural Psychology, English Literature, and Western Civilization. I finished Stats and psych, and have since started Theology & the Christian Life (which is harder than I expected!). But statistics really freaked me out and was the hardest class I have had to date! I am told that what we learned will be used lots in my Biola research project, but I am VERY glad it is over!

The kids are doing great as well; Kirstie takes her DMV behind the wheel test next week, Kenny is being more responsible at school, and Josh is going thru a growth spurt right now. All are healthy so that is awesome!

Nothing else really to complain about! I have a boatload of reading to do, so I best get back to it! I also have a few essays to pull together, too!


One thought on “Update on my Life

  1. You look great and sound like your living life to it’s fullist. I’m sorry about your Uncle Fred. I’m glad you with me when our Grandma past. I see you still have an incredible spirit of life and I’m happy that your family is well. Your blog is a cool way to express yourself and it’s an interesting read.God Bless and have a great New Year.
    Love, Your cousin Christine

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