Experiencing The Small Things

This weekend there was a bit of recovery for me.  Recovery from my surgery, recovery from this weird stomachache thing.  Refreshing.  Relaxing.  Retiring.

And, though it does seem weird to be here, I am learning to SEE and HEAR things that I normally miss while in my normal focused “busy-ness” of life.  My cat cleans himself…..a lot!  There are tons of birds in my backyard and their singing has soothed my spirit several times this weekend.  The kids wrestle more than I realized.  Deana receives lots of texts.  Even on FB pages focused on grace, there is lots of judgment.  And the list goes on…..

I guess I am saying, “nothing special” occurred this weekend.  No riveting stories or monumental changes splashed their way into my mind, emotions, or face.  Yet…….I feel more whole somehow.  More serene.  More balanced.

Maybe there IS something to experiencing the small things in our life!  Maybe it doesn’t need to include expensive toys or elaborate trips or extensive activities that suck the energy out of all involved.  Maybe it’s sitting next to the one you love, not really even saying anything with words but knowing it’s the best seat in the world.  Maybe its hearing the giggles of your children and wondering at their unending creativity and ability to make fun out of almost nothing.  Maybe its looking at your teenage son, so tall now, and listening to his recap of his weekend’s baseball games.  Maybe its taking a moment to realize how good you really DO have it, even for just a moment, and smiling with a joy that lives in the very core of your being.

And that, my friend, is when I realized how much the Lord really, truly loves me – for through this all I know He has pulled me onto His very lap and loved me beyond words!  🙂

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