Could it be? Is it she?

It is with awe and amazement that I sit here early today, pondering the fact that my baby girl has turned 20 – and since she was born at 2:40am, she truly has!  I remember that day like yesterday, the fact that Kirstie made me a mom, and the wonder and joy I felt when I heard her cry for the first time.  Those feeling have only become stronger over the years as I watched that infant turn into the wonderful woman that she is today!

Kirstie has redish blonde hair when she was very young, as you can see from this picture that was taken when she was 18 months old.  You can also see that she inherited the curly hair Edgar and I both have (and which she’s very good at straightening out today!).  Even at a young age, Kirstie was extremely inquisitive and able to sit for HOURS pouring over pictures, books, magazine – ANYTHING that she could investigate.  And she ALWAYS loved to dance, even before she could walk!

As Kirstie grew older, her hair became VERY blonde, especially intriguing since she carries Mexican blood!  But her Grandma Jan’s genes are pretty strong!  🙂  I loved the fact that Kirstie was very attached to me her first 4 or 5 years; we were often inseperable.  She would sing, read, be goofy with me…… was great.

We usually call this pic the “Josh with long hair” picture, but it’s Kirstie.  She was always making friends, talking up a storm, and loved doing doing doing.  I guess she’s still that way, huh?  I never really had to stay on top of her at school, either, because she did her work (remember the inquisitive nature?) and usually did well in school.  She also showed signed of musical talent at a young age – maybe it was all those years of being around the worship band?

Alas, despite my threats to beat her if she kept growing up, today she is twenty.  TWENTY.  I don’t know how that happened!  I look back with fondness at the years behind me and have so many clear images of this girl – ah, to imagine that they add up to two decades!  And yet, I would be remiss if I didn’t say those years have filled my soul with such love and joy!  I look at her, hear her share stories or vent or plan her life, and am continually blessed to know she is AMAZING!  She is real, she is smart, she is a doer…….but most of all, SHE IS MY DAUGHTER!  She is going to do MORE amazing things in her life, it’s really only the beginning, and yet I sit in wonder ponding this amazing woman who is also my beloved DAUGHTER.

So, while many of these ruminations are for me alone, please join me in celebrating a fantastic human life, twenty years of amazement – HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTIE!  I love you VERY much!

And just in case you’ve not heard her sing, check this out:


P.S.  She is also VERY good on XBox 360 (those killing games, but hey, I don’t want to sound old) and can type nearly 80wpm using pretty much two fingers.  IMPRESSIVE if not trivial.

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