Hello Again, Hello

So I have neglected you, I know. And it makes me want to spring out in song, warbling Neil Diamond’s song from “The Jazz Singer”…..

“Hello again, hello. Just called to say: hello. I couldn’t sleep at all tonight And I know it’s late, but I couldn’t wait. Hello..

Well, except it’s early in the morning, I really COULD sleep and resent a bit that I have to get up to get ready for work, and who calls nowadays? LOL Yeah, crazy.

But anyway, I am alive – although this blog would not be a strong indication of that. I need to post my annual reference to Josh as well, who turned TEN on 9/20. TEN! Sheesh! How the heck did THAT happen? And I guess there have been lots of analysis on life, God, and relationships running through my head, so I can feel there is a serious blog or two coming soon……but that comes later…….

I have been sick (kidney infection followed by head cold), traveling (Oklahoma City for work and Paris, Arkansas with the fam), working (well THAT ebbs and flows, you know?), playing the drums at church, watching football (except I fell asleep with 2 minutes left of the Bears/GB game SERIOUSLY), watching the kids play sports (Zack/Soph soccer and Kenny baseball), texting/skyping with Kirstie as she moved from California to Nebraska, and somehow always feeling like I am behind the eight ball or lacking sleep. Not sure why that is. 🙂

I REALLY hope I can have ONE weekend where I actually can do NOTHING, but yeah that’s probably not gonna happen soon. I will manage though.

So what’s new with you, my 2.78 readers? Drop me a comment sometime. And with that, I am changing the song to “Goodbye, My Friend, Goodbye!”

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