Lying Does Not Behoove You

Everyone lies, let’s face it.  There are times when someone asks how they look in an outfit or if they look fat, etc – THOSE are the times when I’d probably suggest the truth may not always be optimal.  Or, in situations such as those who lied to the Nazis to protect innocent Jews.  Commendable.

However, we humans seem to be able to lie about pretty much anything, especially if it is to make ourselves look better or to cover our butts.  For example, have you ever lied about traffic on the way to work to explain why you were late instead of admitting you totally overslept?  Or you “suggest” that you have way more money in the bank than you do, or maybe buy things on credit that you can’t really afford just to appear successful.

“What?!” you ask, “you’re telling me THAT is lying?!?!!?!”  Yes, yes I am .

I don’t mean to JUDGE per se, for pete sakes I have done both of the above – if not recently, but does that matter?  I am a liar, I have lied (based on the above) on many occasions in my life.  So please take this post a an analysis of sorts more than a judgment of you or anyone else.

Why do we do this?  Why do we pretend to be something or someone we’re not?  Why do we choose to lie about silly things like being late instead of taking the consequence for mistakes, even it we didn’t intend to oversleep?  Why do we think we have to tell people what they want to hear in hopes of being accepted by them instead of telling the truth and seeing where the chips fall?  And why do “little lies” fall right off our backs day after day with no thought or guilt or pondering?

The last point is what concerns me the most.  And yet we parents tell our kids that they need to tell the truth, even as we model a whole different world…….

Yesterday, a friend acknowledged a very BIG truth about themselves that had attached to it A LOT of room for many of us to reject him.  He took a huge stand to have integrity, to live in the truth.  And you know what happened?  Well, nothing.  We accepted his truth, we didn’t stop loving him, in fact (for me) it made me love him a bit more.  And that got me to thinking – do I REALLY think the truth really brings shame?  Really?  NO!  I do admit that many people can’t handle the truth, and have lost many “a friend” who have heard of my homosexuality.  I still get told on occasion that I can’t be gay AND a Christian.  Alas, I am reminded that living in THE TRUTH is WAY better than lying to anyone, especially those that only loved me because I fit the mold they wanted me to live in.

So, anyway, I better get ready for work.  Don’t want to be late, especially since I’d have to tell them I am was writing a blog about honesty instead of getting ready and then, well…………

Gina OUT.

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