So Soph (my usual name for her) has been going through a pretty awesome phase lately – she’s all about being like me.  This was not entirely her idea at the beginning; she IS a lot like me in many ways, and D or I often say “she’s a mini G!”  But, once she got her glasses (which is funny, since D has had glasses longer than me) she has had this big kinship with me in all aspects of her life.

So, in honor of that, here are some Soph Quotes!  Some are especially funny considering the girl is only 6!


S:  (with exasperation) I have lesbian eyebrows!

G:  What?  Why are they lesbian eyebrows?

S:  A teacher came to school and her eyebrows were just like mine.

G:  Do you know what lesbian means?

S:  Yes!  Just look at my eyebrows!


S:  I want to be Gina

G:  Sure!  You can be Little Gina

S:  No, I want to be BIG Gina.  And I don’t know what to have for dessert, there are so many choices.

G:  Well you can have all of them, but then you might get fat like me.

S:  I WANT to be fat like you!

That’s all i have right now – much less than I was prepared to share when I started this post!  But it’s early, it’s Friday and I am already thinking about all the things I need to do at work.  This brain can handle only so much!

Gina OUT

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