American Idol – Beatles Night

Shout out to my childhood friend Jon, who LOVES the Beatles.  Hope you don’t cringe too much!  🙂

Aaron Kelly (o1) – Long and Winding Road – Aaron, your eyebrows don’t bother me as much this week.  Good sign?  I think you did a good job, I enjoyed this song more than your previous ones.  Some high moments, I suppose.  But it wasn’t GREAT.  You had a few weak moments.

Katie Stevens (02) – Let it Be – a favorite song for many.  Big shoes to fill.  I think your “modernization” steps were weak, out of tune, and messed up the song.  But who am I to judge?  You sounded good in a lot of places girl.  Remember, I am a fan.  But I am yawning a little.

Andrew Garcia (03) – Can’t Buy me Love – that’s what I am talking about!  You took a classic, well liked song that can live on its own merits, and made it your own.  Made it contemporary without bastardizing it.  I LOVED the change in time signature, too!  The musician in me LOVED it and the person who would buy a CD is pulling out their wallet!  The judges need to be kicked.

Michael Lynche (04) – Elinore Rigby – you have a great voice, man.  I really like it.  I actually liked your rendition and you’re right – the strings rocked.  You’re a good stage performer, too.  High five to you this week.

Crystal Bowersox (05) – Come Together – I love her voice!  So natural, so talented, so AWESOME!  Do we really need to keep voting because we have our winner!  I will admit this is nothing new, there were no style changes or anything, just her fantastic voice and natural talent.  I love her.

Tim Urban (06) – All My Loving – okay, is it wrong for me that I am hoping he goes home this week?  His hair almost looked styled tonight!  And I have to say, I liked how he started the song.  I think I just tapped my foot a little.  I actually am thinking I might even LIKE him after this song.  A hint of Plain White T’s.  I like them.  Sorry Tim, I don’t want you to go home this week, afterall.

Casey James (07) – Jealous Guy – great guitar playing.  Nice curley hair.  Rings on your right hand?  Didn’t like them too much.  And your singing was……okay.  I am not trembling with excitement like I did last week.  But your voice was good.  Bluesy.  Raspy.  But you didn’t connect with me man.  Okay.

Siobhan Magnus (08) – Across the Universe – Deana likes her, she’s got that “different” vibe about her.  Punk-ish.  Rebel.  But me?  I don’t get Siobhan.  I don’t especially like her singing either.  Her screams are not “amazing” to me.  And this song did nothing to change my mind.  Oh no!  Deana just said, “she picked a bad song”.  You’re toast, Siobhan.

Lee DeWyze (09) – Hey Jude – wow, dangerous to pick such a well-known song.  Deana, before he even started, said “I’m gonna like it.”  I have to say, his voice is well suited for the song.  That rasby throat thingy!  His ownership of the song and subtle changes were very nice.  The Scottish dude was a nice touch, reminds me of my recent trip to Scotland!  And he showed personality during the song – nice.  He kind of reminded me of Paul a little.  He just moved up a notch or two for me.

Best of the night – Crystal, Lee, and Andrew

Might be going home – Katie or Siobhan (I vote for the latter)

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