How I Lost 12+ pounds by doing NOTHING!

By not doing anything?  Alas, my title – grammatically correct or not – is a bit misleading.  I realize that.  But it got your attention, now, didn’t it?

But let me be clear – I HAVE lost over twelve pounds.  I haven’t taken any diet pills, I haven’t starved myself, and I haven’t even really exercised.  Admittedly, I need to step it up because I really have maxed things out, and I have quite a few more pounds I’d like to lose.  But I would also like to encourage some of my readers about the little things that can make a great start to changing your life!

So, here is what changed in my life:

  1. First of all, I stopped working at Du-par’s.  Not that I was extremely bad there – I tried to stay away from the pies and super fatty foods.  But I DID have pies on occasion, even indulged in chicken fried steak once in a while, and the fact that the place has food cooking 24/7 made it, well, EASY to eat and eat and eat.  And, truly, I don’t think they have anything on the menu that wasn’t drenched in butter or some other fattening item.  No offense.
  2. I have started eating breakfast.  That might seem weird to you – adding something to my diet.  But I have found I make better choices if I have a SMALL breakfast each morning.  I also saw a dramatic drop in shakes and blood sugar fluctuations.
  3. I have small, healthy snacks every couple of hours.  Like carrots (they grow on you and ramp up your blood sugar FAST if needed), string cheese, apple – even if you’re not hungry, this goes a long way.  Helps with the blood sugar, appetite, etc.  But honestly, I learned this from my Boot Camp instructor – it’s important to eat more often EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL HUNGRY and those choices should be better for you.  Aka, not chips or chocolate, or whatever.  This has helped me a TON and I noticed if every other one includes protein, I really rock.
  4. My biggest meal of the day is now LUNCH.  It’s in the middle of the day, so even if you’re an office person like I am, you will invariably burn more calories moving around.  But I have made my portions smaller and added lots of other things.  For example, Smart Ones are convenient to eat at work and taste pretty good (some better than others).  I usually have more fresh veggies (carrots or celery or other crunchy items), and maybe fat free items like pretzels.
  5. I try not to eat dinner after 7pm.  It’s amazing how this meal can be a killer for you.  As for me, I sit on my butt often once I get home after a long day.  If I have a heavy, huge dinner, all those calories are just going to go to my belly fat.  So I try to refrain from late night dinners as much as possible.  I am fortunate that I am able to eat dinner around 6pm most nights.  And I ALWAYS try to include fresh veggies with this.  It has helped me teach the kids to eat healthy and pray that they learn now to stay healthy.  I used to fight to GAIN weight once, but can’t say I was especially healthy ever.
  6. I have one day a week where everything is “free”.  I can eat way too much, eat chips or chocolate or that big juicy cheeseburger.  The sky’s the limit.  But I’ve found that, with each new week, I can only eat so much at one sitting and – shock of shocks – the things I used to live for just aren’t as appealing as they used to be.  But I tell you what, popcorn is still awesome!  🙂
  7. Everywhere you may try to diet, you will hear this – drink more water.  I am nowhere near the point of drinking enough water, but it’s my drink of choice (with coffee 2nd in the morning hours).  Water is so refreshing really.  And it’s good for you.  Drink!
  8. I just started drinking one glass of red wine each evening.  JUST ONE.  I don’t know if it’s really made a difference, but it’s freaking yummy!

So, anyway, it’s worked for me.  If you have other suggestion, let me know!  I am going to start exercising this month, so I will keep you posted.

Gina OUT!

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