The End of Freedom

I understand lots of people are worked up about the recent passing of the Health Care Bill.  I understand that this bill is not the best, and I also know there are strong opinions regarding it on both sides.  One of the things about this country I LOVE is that we can EXPRESS our differing of opinions – it really only matters when we don’t agree, don’t you think?

Having said that, I have a friend who has been on a rant since the bill passed saying that, for the first time in 200 years, our freedom has been taken away from us.  He bases this on the fact that, for the first time in USA History, we are being forced to do something – in this case, purchase health care or face fines.  While I can’t contest the fact that he is unhappy about this new rule,  I  can understand his opinion regarding if it’s right or wrong for our government to set it.  But his point about freedom got me thinking.

So, for the first time in our history, our freedom to choose – per his assertion – has been taken……

……I wonder how a woman that lived from 1776 to 1920 would feel about that statement, given that she was not allowed to vote at all and even in many cases not allowed to own land, divorce her husband, etc. based on the fact that she was not a man.

……I wonder how black slaves from 1775 to 1864 (corrected) felt about the freedoms available in the USA, and the blacks from 1814 to 1964 who were also not allowed to vote, forced to eat in different places, go to different schools, drink from different fountains all because of their race.

……I wonder how many couples exist like my Aunt and Uncle, who were forced to go to a different state to marry because they were a mixed race couple and marriage was forbidden to them in their home state.

……I wonder how our freedom felt to the Japanese who were grouped into concentration-type camps during WWII just because of their race – some of which had even been BORN in the USA.

……I wonder if he thought about the millions of couples who have been told they cannot marry nor experience their love openly and legally at the state and federal level merely based on the fact that they love someone of the same sex.  (Or, even in this day and age, lose their jobs – even those serving in our military branches for years and years – if the fact that they’re gay is found out!)

……Even today, I am not allowed to purchase alcohol on Sunday nor do I have a decision about whether I want my children immunized or not if they are to attend public school.  Freedom indeed.

So, yes be upset about this bill if you choose.  Throw up your hands and make signs indicated your disdain.  Call your government representative and raise hell.  That is your right.  But please, if you’re going to make broad statements about “losing freedom for the first time in history”, then maybe you should check yourself.

Gina OUT.

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