American Idol – R&B/Soul Night

So yeah, curse you Central Time again!  Missed the first performer!  At least it was not one of my top picks!

Siobhan Magnus (01) – missed this, but the tale end of her walking into the back room didn’t seem very, how shall I say, encouraging.  Hope she’s not stressing.

Casey James (02) – wow, do I need to change my favorite????  HE FREAKING ROCKED.  This is the first time I REALLY liked him.  He sounded great and the guitar ripped.  Hmmmm, Ellen?  No blonde comment tonight?  I totally agreed with Simon, this was his BEST performance so far!  And he didn’t seem nervous and seemed quite comfortable performing.

Michael Lynche (03) – while I need to admit this didn’t have the PIZZAZZ as Casey’s performance, it was very, very good.  I think he did an excellent job, his voice was right on.  His guitar playing was even good.  But…..I…..was……bored…….sorry.

Didi Benami (04) – Some very nice notes for sure.  She had way more depth of her voice than I’ve heard before.  But there were a few notes that were….uh……off.  I would say I will not be voting for her, but I didn’t hate it or anything.

Tim Urban (05) – I have to confess again……his hair bugs me.  He signs way better than I do.  Some things even sounded…..nice…….a little.  It wasn’t painful or anything.  I think he could make a girl very happy.  I am not that girl, though.

Andrew Garcia (06) – Me gusta Andrew.  I have always like him.  He has had a rough time, really since his audition, where he wowed everyone.  He sound good tonight – it felt a little high for him – but he was not off or anything.  His voice was even pleasant.  But I didn’t get all excited and whoop and holler and such.  I think he will make it, but I am not totally convinced he should get the overall win.  I’m still a fan though!

Katie Stevens (07) – again, she was my fav during audition week – her story and her grandma gets me.  The last few performances I’ve chilled a little – she hasn’t risen to the level I expected I suppose.  But I think she was brave to take on a tough song like this!  Aretha?  Wow!  The neck movements helped a lot!  And her voice!  Wowzers!  I think this teenager just went up a few steps in my opinion of her, and I suspect the nation will agree.  Except for the judges, of course…..what do they know?  Except for that brunette that I can never remember her name……Cara?

Lee DeWyze (08) – he is not my fav.  Never really was.  I say that (along with the others) because I need to be real here so you know my perception of them influences my review of them.  It goes both way, I know.  But he hasn’t sung a word yet and I think I won’t like it.  There, being real again.  Although he HAS wowed me before (see earlier posts).  His raspy voice I dig this week.  I should add that I believe Deana REALLY likes him.  Hmmmmm.  Dilemma.  I liked him tonight too, he sounded great and his guitar helped, too.  I am a sucker for guitars.  But he is not at the top yet.  Dilemma indeed.  (Deana really liked it, for those keeping track.  Gulp)  Great, the judges thought so too.  Could D be right?!?!!?!

Crystal Bowersox (09) –  okay, she is my #1 pick for this season, at least so far.  Did I see with my own eyes that she was not playing the piano????  Well, okay, lame…..but the singing?  Wowzer x 100!  I would buy her freaking album people!  She seemed a bit akward without her guitar, but that voice of hers……holy moly!  Vote for her people!  She IS in it to win it!  Woohoo!

Aaron Kelly (12) – no comments about the eyebrows…..doh!  Epic fail.  Let me say here that Usher – who I don’t really listen to – did an excellent job helping the singers.  And my Mom (Rivera) LOVES him and thinks he’s sexy!  LOL  Aaron, the hair man…  But I can’t diss your voice – you sounded great.  But I think you tried too hard, because you started strong but somewhere you lost it.  Good, but not great.

My top pics for the night – Crystal, Casey, Lee.

My pic for adios – Didi or Tim.  Based more on the judges than anything else really.  Except maybe their singing.

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