More Academy Award Viewing

Let me just say that Deana found an AMAZING theater in Plano that is situated in what we like to call “very Los Angeles-ish” setting.  The theater itself was smaller, was showing mosting movies that have been nominated for an Academy Award or “artsy” in nature, and was very…….let’s see…….NOT commercial.  There was a coffee bar and…..well, we loved it.  And to add more bennies, we needed to watch two movies, so we stopped at a little french cafe across the street that was AWESOME!

Our luck was also on our side because yesterday Sophia decided to gash her head open.  She was spending the night at her counsin, Kaylie’s house.  They have a HUGE walk in shower there, in which Sophia decided to run.  Yep, you pictured it – she fell backwards and gashed the back of her head open.  But, as fortune would have it, this happened RIGHT when the second movie was over!  So we met Aunt Julie at the hospital and went from there.  Sophia was a huge trooper – ended up getting 4 staples in her head WITHOUT a shot (her choice) and she pulled through with only a few tears.  Deana practically RAN out of the area because she was so scared!  LOL  But Soph is fine and has huge bragging rights because her brothers have never had staples.  GIRLS RULE!  🙂

Anyway, here are my critiques of the movies:

An Education – the was a lovely British film talking about a young girl (she turns 17 during the story) in the early 1960’s and the exposure to various aspects – besides her drive to attend Oxford – to life’s education.  I walked in knowing NOTHING about this film other than it had been nominated.  The story was REAL, filled with profound subtleties, and the acting was superb.  The title role, played by Carey Mulligan, was quite good actually!  And as a picture, I think it is a strong contender for an oscar.  The story touches, ever so lightly, on controversies such as anti-semitism, views of blacks in the early 60’s, women’s role in society and their reliance on men, and the typical coming of age concept of fun verses hard work.  Even with such standard fair, it never seemed preachy or made me feel like there was an agenda that the powers that be wanted to push.  I loved this movie.  I am holding back tagging this for sure,  either for Carey as best actress of the movie for best picture, but they are high on my list.

Up in the Air – this was another movie I really didn’t know much about, other than George Clooney was in the movie.  I assumed that he was nominated for Best Actor, and I was right.  I was excited to that Anna Kendrick, of Twilight fame, was in the film and even nominated for Best Supporting Actress!  Also nominated for best supporting actress is Vera Farmiga – both did a fantastic job in this movie.  As did George, really.  And the movie WAS entertaining, it DID have a message (or several) and also offered enough pain points that aren’t resolved to say to me “hey, this is typical Oscar”.  I think it was worth the $7.50 I paid.  But I am NOT feeling the immense, “oh my word that was AMAZING” feeling that I think a Best Picture should do.  Of the two we saw, I vote this second.  Is it worth your time?  Absolutely.  And I will probably be eating my words when George wins (or either lady), but I just don’t feel it.

Will probably not have time for any more movies today – it’s Super Bowl Sunday!  While I am intriqued by the historic fact of the NO Saints being there, I am still bitter that they beat my Vikings.  Hence, GO COLTS!

Gina OUT!

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