Academy Award Update

Okay, here are my updates so far:

Inglourious Basterds – I knew that with Quentin Tarantino involved, the story would have amazing layers and that “weird factor”.  That became even more evident when I learned he worked on the screenplay for ten years!  And it WAS an amazing story with swists and turns and people doing things to the bad guys that we always hoped would happen.  One thing that suprised me a bit was the humor that popped up here and there, beautifully really, in places that were so horrible or tragic.  I understand that takes genius – not only at the screenplay level, not only at the director level – but for actors to pull it off without looking like they’re pulling it off is commendable.  HOWEVER, maybe I am slowly becoming an Oscar Snob, but I just didn’t see this as a Best Picture.  Maybe Quentin deserves one – I am not rooting for him to win though, and probably I will eat my words when Christoph Waltz wins Supporting Actor.

Precious – many that I’ve discussed this movie with are suprised when I tell them I found Inglourious Basterds much more disturbing than Precious.  This IS a heavy movie for sure – but perhaps that is what I really tend to expect from a movie that has been nominated.  The story was amazingly real – devastatingly real – filled with moments of “life sucks” that appeared relevent and real.  It broke my heart is was so real.  But hidden in this devastation were even more powerful moments of triumph – even if ever-so-small – that would sneak in and at times subconsciously smack my psyche so that I felt HOPEFUL.  I actually asked myself at one point – why are you HAPPY for her, her life SUCKS?  THAT is amazing.  And impossible to produce had it not been for an amazing screenplay, an awesome director, and acting beyond belief.  It’s early in my AA Viewing process, but my favorite thus far for Best Supporting Actress in Mo’Nique.  She WAS the character!  And, I am not sure how she did it, but I had hints of feeling sorry for this pathetic mother!  THAT is talent!  I think Gabourey Sidibe as Best Actress may be a favorite, but I am not 100% there yet…….although she did an amazing job.  Director Lee Daniels did an amazing job as well and I have great respect for him.  I am still not sure if I am tagging him at this point though.  Let me get further in the process and I will let you know.

In plans for viewing this weekend:

Up in the Air – Best Picture, Best Actor, Director, Supporting Actress (2 nominations!)

An Education – Best Picture, Best Actress

Netflicks DVD’s on order:

The Hurt Locker – Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Director

A Serious Man – Best Picture, Best Screenplay

Still trying to see who is screening foreign films and documentaries in Dallas!  DOH!  Fingers crossed!

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