More Academy Award Reviews

So a free Netflix membership allowed me to see two other films that have several nomations.  Here are my reviews of them!

The Hurt Locker (best film, best screenplay, best actor, best director, and more) – I began watching this firm knowing nothing about it except several film critics praising it as “the one” to take the statues.  I didn’t know it covered American soldiers in Bagdad and the danger they faced, AFTER the Iraqi war had ended.  I didn’t know the actors or the history of it. And it proved to be a thought provoking piece that definitely made me realize just how hard it is even today for our young men and women serving in the middle east.  I can see why  Jeremy Renner was nominated for best actor – he did a good job.  And, truth be known, I was shocked that a woman was the director – Kathryn Bigelow.  Even still, I almost felt gipped when the movie was over.  Yes, I have discussed some of the subtle messages within the film, but overall was not overwhelmed with admiration.

A Serious Man (Best film, best screenplay) – I think this film would have been amazingly relevant and funny if I were Jewish.  The story, a black comedy, revolves around a Jewish family and is loosely based on the story of Job.  This was very well written and the acting was also good……but I was like “did I just spend two hours watching that?”  Maybe I AM a snob……

And that’s it.

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