…..so yes, I haven’t been feeling well and that is part of the reason why this blog has been so boring.  “Wow,” you say with shock, “now she’s coming up with excuses why this blog is always so boring????”  Yes, yes I am.

So let the boring-ness begin!

Work – we made it through last week (thanks to those that prayed) but – as the saying goes – we won the battle but the war is not over.  Lots still going on and I am fighting the urge to say “hey, you made this mess now deal with it” to the powers that be.  Instead, I plug along, do the best I can, and hope I will get paid for my effort.

Kids – the countdown to the end of school has begun.  Kenny is getting back into his surfing mode (a little more of a drive now that we’re in the Santa Clarita Vally, but that’s okay) and Josh is ready to write more songs.  Kirstie is finishing up her first year of college and I believe she did well, although like her mother probably would have reacted, is frustrated that she didn’t get a 4.0.  I am looking forward to lots of outdoor fun with them.

May – this is a busy month for sure!  Lots of birthday’s!  In fact, Kenny’s 14th birthday is on Mother’s Day this year!  We have worked out Sunday, so don’t worry.  🙂  This weekend will be very busy with family festivities and next weekend will be his “birthday with friends” celebration.  I think Edgar and I are going to Magic Mountain with them, which should be fun since Edgar HATES rollercoasters and I love them!

Me – as mentioned earlier, I am not feeling well.  I think it’s the psycho-schematic flu based on all the exposure to the swine flu on tv.  But seriously, I am dealing with something I am allergic to; I itch from head to toe, inside and out!  Yesterday I could barely move and my face was a site!  But today I feel a bit more human.  Which is good because my boss was obviously stressed that I worked from home yesterday…….

And since I missed Monday’s Song, here is a throw out – Evanescence, Everybody’s Fool:

Gina OUT!

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