Holy Vicodin

I haven’t taken it for months, really, but today was different.  I have had a MAJOR headache all day and NOTHING even came close to touching it.  Maybe it was the stress at work or this allergy thing or just being old…..but this headache was kicking my butt!  It was not a migraine – no light or noise issues and the pain was different.  But the pain was definitely intense.  You get the picture.

But, miraculously, Holy Vicodin has done a wonderful job kicking the crap out of this headache!  And I have a bit of a buzz to go with it, too!  If that’s not holy, I don’t know what IS!

However, I must admit that TYPING this dang blog is a bit more troublesome than usual.  Huh.  Holy Vicodin and all that.  I am thinking I might be embarrassed of this post in the morning.  And not even one drop of wine!  Oh, but I don’t really miss the wine…….brings back bad memories many times, as does American Idol and Dancing With the Stars.  Long story there, but alas…..truth be known they were not all bad memories.  Perhaps I am still processing other things that have mixed into the memory and all that.  Ramblings in their finest.  Don’t imagine that made any sort of sense at all.  Dare I blame HV?

So, thank you Holy Vicodin, for providing a reprieve from the pain that has haunted my day!  Now, gotta run as this concentrating-on-my-typing is getting too tough!

Gina, the user of the Holy Vicodin, OUT!

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