Analysis? Naw….UPDATED

Disclaimer:  This is a general post.  It is not related to any specific person, situation, or circumstance that is new or something that I have not shared elsewhere here.  If, by some remote chance, this post offends you, please email me, comment me, or otherwise contact me so that I can assure you that you are not involved.


Too often we are conditioned to act or think a certain way.  It may start with our parents, it may start in our churches, maybe even at school.  Many of the conditions are important – how to act when eating dinner, what is appropriate to say to others, how to act in stores versus playgrounds, etc.  You get the idea.

But sometimes we are conditioned to take on behaviors from others that are not good…..and are afraid to call them on it because, by doing so, they might be offended.  And that IS a hard thing to balance; what if I am wrong?  What if they are right?  What if they get all pissed at you for calling them on it?

But what if you ARE right?  What if the last days or weeks, too many things have occurred that point to the fact that “something is fishy”?  Is it wrong to say, in kindness of course, “hey, what’s the deal?”  Why is it so wrong to air your feelings in a loving manner and at least get your concerns out in the open?  Why is it wrong to give the other person the opportunity to either refute there is a problem or admit that, indeed, something was remiss?  Maybe even give some sort of tangible “proof” that things are not, in fact, “fishy”.  Yet, I maintain that often we are conditioned to keep it all inside and the cycle continues over and over again.

To sum up this post of really nothing meaningful, I am tired of the damn cycle and just want the ride to end……..and yet, as an observer in the matter, I fear it will continue indefinitely…….

Wow, that sounds cryptic!  And I love that.

Gina OUT!

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