Recap of Weekend? Not Sure Yet…..

I am still trying to get “back into the swing of things” here, so I am not completely motivated.  Wow, at least THIS time I have an excuse for feeling this way!  LOL

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity as my sister, Linda, and my nephew/her son Matthew was here visiting from Colorado.  We were able to visit Eddie (with whom we all got tattoos – see pics posted prior to this), spent a nice time with Mom, visited Uncle Kenny and Aunt Charlene, and also Uncle Ed and Uncle Lou.  What is harder to share in a meaningful way is that these people are spread out all over California (Fullerton, Rialto, Wildomar, a stop in Lake Forest, back to Fullerton, home to Valencia, and Rancho Palos Verdes).  It was fun though!

I want to add that I am VERY HAPPY with my dog, Gracie today!  She went potty outside like a good girl this morning!  Ah, the little things!

Well, the unmotivated piece of me is taking over……so I guess I will stop here.  Sorry that I missed a few song days.  Right…..I know it was devastating to most of you…….

Oh, one more thing.  I realized I need to start living in the moment, not the past.  Yesterday may have been cool or it may have sucked.  Last year  may have brought much happiness or threw me in the depths of despair.  I don’t need to FORGET about that.  But I need to stop “living” in those moments – either wishing for them or living with regret for mistakes I made.  My life today is pretty darn good and, no matter what today brings me (the good, the bad, the ugly) I need to experience it and honor it TODAY.  So, I think today is a great day to start focusing on the people and activities in my life that are here TODAY instead of thinking about the people and activities that were in my past.  I used to form my life around what I was told was “my destiny”, but from now on I am making my own.  Make sense?  Although, I don’t promise I won’t reminisce!  🙂

Gina OUT!

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