Ah, What To Write?

I feel the need to post something here, although I am not sure what……this is a huge dilemma! I mean, what if another blog bot finds this blog and hundreds of peeps read this post, and it is totally lame???? THE PRESSURE!

Sometimes I wish my life could be as simple as Gracie’s. I mean, she gets to sit on the back of my comfy chair as I type this blog, she gets extremely excited just to be able to go outside to go potty, and a small treat makes her day. Me, well, I don’t jump all over the room when I get up to go potty…..it just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

I also wish there was an easy way to convince some people that everything is not about them. For example, if I am in a bad mood because of work, it does NOT mean that a specific, unrelated person somehow offended me and that I no longer want to be their friend or whatever it might be that their brain manufactures. So, if you’re reading this an somehow feel angst that I have these angry feeling towards you or anything like that, please be kind and rewind.

And specifically to “you know who you are” – the only frustration I felt with you was specifically to your actions YESTERDAY, as I specifically noted in my phone call to you. Nothing prior to that or after that has entered my mind and had nothing to do with you. I request that you move forward with the plan and the real person involved and leave me out of it. Unless, of course, you do NOT agree with the voice message I left, in which case feel free to contact me directly and not anyone else. I can and do listen to words that express that I was out of line, and if this was the case tell me. I will probably even apologize……I am ready and willing to move on and let you be, and even discuss YESTERDAY if needed – but I really should never have been part of the plan at all as it has nothing to do with me……

On that note, for my readers who pray, I would appreciate a few coming my way in the next day or two. The days will be directly related to how well the company I work for survives a couple huge hurdles. Also, that the decision makers make better ones so that – if we survive – the issues at hand do not arise again. Thanks.

I am planning to meet Eddie again on Saturday; he is getting another tattoo or maybe two…..he asked if he could get the same cross tattoo I got on his leg. Of course, I told him yes! Isn’t that cool? Truth be known, I got a little teary eyed when he asked. He and I have this hard-to-describe bond, we always have. He is such an amazing brother and I love him so much. So anyway, I am looking forward to that! And I will have to fight the urge not to get another one myself! šŸ™‚

Okay, well, that’s all I got. I apologize for the lame post!
Gina OUT!

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