Still no Pics OR Academy Award Details!

Hello Beautiful People!

I am having a “calm” morning today; usually I wake up, get my coffee, and begin working at about 6:30 to 7:30. Then I call my boss and then begin to get READY for work! Some days I get up earlier to jam in some homework time before working, or rush some in before getting ready.

Today, however, my boys are with me. While they are sleeping soundly as I type this, I decided I would NOT work at home this morning. I also decided I would go into the office, sign the payroll checks, grab the files for last year’s bank reconciliations that have never been done, and bring them home to work. Oh, and grab my laptop, which I left at work last night. 🙂 So, I am enjoying my morning and decided to update this blog with much about nothing!

Just a quick update about my new home – the furniture I bought arrived yesterday. Not much, because you remember this is a small place! I got a media center (basically, a fancy dresser that holds a TV and components – amours are out apparently). I also got a real dresser and one nightstand. Now I have a place to put my clothes!!! Yeah! 🙂 The TV looks great and I am feeling more and more at home here. EXCEPT for the quirky landlord who is a bit passive-aggressive. But overall, I can handle it and am happy here.

Secondly, the Academy Awards were fun! While I was NOT in the Kodak theater, I WAS across the street at the Hollywood Museum. Before the event we were on the street watching the cars drive up. We saw Miley Cyrus come in but most of the others, at that time, rolled their windows up. Once we were in the event, we were able to have a bird’s eye view of the red carpet and saw Meryl Streep arrive. That was cool.

The rest of the night was fun – we had TV’s all over the place broadcasting the awards, a DJ playing music during the commercials (who often forgot to turn off the music when they were over, but I digress….) and people all around who either 1) love the AA’s as much as I do or 2) were there to get drunk. The second group were only partially irritating and, fortunately, not seated near us.

I was VERY happy that Kate Winslet won…..I was rooting for her. I also loved Slumdog Millionaire and was glad it took away so many awards. And I am happy for Sean Penn as well – I am sad to say I haven’t seen Milk YET, but my friend Nancy has been telling me for WEEKS (months?) to see this freaking movie. And I shall. I was also pleased that Penelope Cruz won; she was quirky and great in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I still need to see Benjamin Button, Milk, and Frost/Nixon.

Okay, well, I best move on from here to celebrate me “free” morning! Hope y’all are doing well! If you get a chance, comment and tell me what your favorite movies or performances were…….

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