Bad Words from the Kids

The other day, Deana, Zack, and Sophia visited me at my work. Over dinner (Sophia LOVES Du-par’s chicken noodle soup!), Deana was telling me that she was shocked that The Power Puff Girls movie had several bad words in it. Here is how the conversation went:

D: Yes, it was very shocking!

G: Well, what sort of words are we talking about?

S: It was like “shut up” and “stupid” (at this point, Zack looks at Sophia with an incredulous face, as if to say “Oh my gosh, she just SAID those words)

Z: Yeah, and then they said “can of whoop ass” (seriously, I started laughing so hard at this point because I never expected him to say this)

Z: What?!?!!?!!?

G: I didn’t expect you to say “whoop ass”

Z: Well, Sophia said the other words, so I figured I could say that one.

Days later, I have used the “whoop ass” comment on many occasions – mostly to be ornery and to see how the kids would respond. My favorite response is from Sophia. Here’s an example:

G: You better watch it Sophia, don’t make me get a can of whoop ass out!

S: G, you said the b word! (She says that after ANY bad word and I find it endearingly hilarious!)

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