Life Keeps Going

True to form STILL, I have but a short amount of time to post here.

Let’s see – I am working long hours, I an working hard in school, and frantically trying to see as many movies that have Academy Award nominations before tomorrow.  Um, not sure I am doing any well right now!  Tried to watch Vicki Cristina Barcelona last night and fell asleep before Penelope Cruz (nominated best supporting actress) even showed up in the movie!  LOL

Some of you have asked about my new place.  I will try to take pics of it later today and post, but you know that might take a few days.  LOL  It is a guest house – well, a converted garage – in a small city next to Studio City.  I have a kitchen area (no sink or stove) and a nice bedroom/living area.  It also has a small bathroom with a small shower.  It is cute, is my very own, and I am enjoying being there.  I have my bed, a nice couch, my beloved desk, and a big TV (thanks Edgar!).  In the kitchen I have a fridge, and cabinet-like thing and table thanks to my landlord.  It is cozy and comfortable.  Other bennies are that it is about 2 miles to my work!!!!  Whoot whoot!

It IS weird living in the valley!  For those in Southern California, you know what I am talking about.  For those outside of this area – it’s hard to explain.  Suffice it to say, it is like I moved to an entirely new state!  Orange County versus The Valley is VERY different!  How so?  Well, traffic is different and drivers are (in general) VERY rude and mean out here.  Not that they weren’t in OC, but here’s an example:  I was driving in the carpool lane on the 134 freeway.  In front of me were five motorcycles.  I was about 3 car lengths behind the last, going about 70 mph (admittedly slow for me, but I could not run over the bikes in front of me).  Behind me is this pick-up truck flashing his lights, swerving back and forth, and so close that if I TOUCHED my brakes, he would have hit me.  I raise my hands to say “what am I supposed to do?” and he AND the passenger start flipping me off and waving me to move out of their way.  As I have received one bogus ticket for crossing the yellow line, I was NOT going to do so on this occasion!  I did NOT flip them back (or touch my brakes, see above) but it worked out – he swerved into the fast lane, almost hitting a couple cars, and proceeded to do the same thing to the person in the fast lane.

I don’t mean to pick on Valley/Los Angeles peeps, but it IS very different here.

Oh!  One other new thing for me – I spent a few hours at a laundry mat last night!  Now, my landlord said I could use her machines, but it seems weird to ask to go into her house and also, well, it just doesn’t seem that clean in there.  Plus, there are three tenants that live IN her house, so I wasn’t sure the availability, etc.  So Gina went to do her clothes.  First time in my life.  It wasn’t that bad.  I may even get a system down (I watched what appeared to be “regulars” there and took mental notes.)  This place also offers laundry services for $1 a pound where I can drop the clothes off and then pick them up.  I might consider that, too.  Or, if I really get behind, I can take my clothes to Edgar’s Mom, who already begged me to let her to them for me!  LOL  Such a tough life!

Okay, I better go.  I need to do homework AND work!

I hope everyone out there is doing well.  Thanks for the comments and I ask that you write more…..I miss you.

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