Yes, I am still alive!

True to form – I am short on time, but wanted to do a super-quick update for my 2.78 readers!

  • I moved into my very own place this past weekend.  First time ever in my life!  I am very excited and have already made it very comfortable (despite fighting a horrible cold!)  AND, it’s only 2 miles from work!
  • I still love my job at Du-par’s Restaurant in Studio City!  It keeps me busy for sure (worked 60 hours last week) but it’s truly a family place.  Kenny even worked with me one day!
  • No surprise, my “love life” has been a nightmare!  I have learned I am a very angry person, which is really funny because the person that told me this has not even seen my Italian Temper!  I guess “being real” can be construed many ways.  Yet, I feel good about my life right now…..and look forward to the future
  • Oh my word, I am WAY behind in school and for my Academy Award viewing!  Only one week left and I have TONS that I still have to see!  Dun dun dun!  I think this week is going to be frantic!
  • I have decided that I will not let my sentimental side rule me as it has most of my life.  “Best friends” (former or otherwise) do not deserve my attention when they can’t even return an email or respond to a text that informs them that I was in a motorcycle accident.  THAT has been a great revelation for me!
  • However, the Lord has truly blessed me lately with friends whom I never expect to stay!  You know who you are, but I am so so blessed and so so happy that TRUE friendships are so deep and cover my heart so completely!

Okay, gotta run!  The kids, who are also in the process of moving with Edgar, are doing fabulous.  I love them.  And Kirstie is cute.  LOL

Gina, OUT!

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am still alive!

  1. OMG you are a slacker…..don’t tell me you can’t write more….so you work 60 hours, so you go to school, so you are a mom. That’s all? J/K you know I love you! Glad we are in touch again.

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