A Wild Weekend…..NOW WITH PIC…..

And I am so late in posting this!

Started Monday…….So, I am very, very tired right now……VERY tired! But I will try to do a recap of my weekend, beginning Thursday night, for my poor readers who haven’t had a post to read in forever!

Continued Thursday……

Thursday I was able to go to a Disturbed concert with my brothers, Eddie and David. This was actually a present David got for Christmas from his wife, and he was nice enough to turn it into a fun trip for the three of us. We went to the Palladium in Hollywood, which is a smaller venue and it was pretty cool. And even though the mosh pit – which was the first I have REALLY seen as others pale in comparison – really, REALLY freaked me out! OMG these guys looked as if they could seriously KILL each other! And I am getting old, because I was like, “How can that even be FUN?!?!!?!”

Here are my brothers before the show – Eddie on left, Dave on right

img_0258img_0256(Eddie is on the left, David on the right)

So then on Friday I worked and then Rita and I went to a lovely dinner at a beautiful neighborhood restaurant. I had Filet Mignon that was to die for! And a scrumptious chocolate mouse cake.

Okay, I know this is lame, but I have to put “to be continued”. Instead of saving this as a draft for later, I am going to post it now and either update it or create a new post. So yeah, I am lame!

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