Dude, I am in BIG TROUBLE!

Well, let me put this in perspective – don’t have much time so sorry about the lack of colorful details!

I have several jobs in my queue as potentials – 2nd interviews, etc. However, yesterday I got an offer from one family-owned firm called Du-par’s Restaurant & Bakery that is very interesting. During the interview, which was over dinner and dessert, the owner of the firm spent more time asking me about my family and details on my kids than anything else! While this position might not be the highest paying, it offers an amazing culture and IMMEDIATE HEALTH BENNIES, which means I save over $700 a month from my COBRA!

Anyway, I accepted the position yesterday as their accountant and actually start today (although I will work normally Mon-Fri). So why am I in trouble????? IT’S A RESTAURANT WITH YUMMY FOOD AND HAND MADE PIES! Dun dun dun……I better watch the food ’cause I can’t weigh 400 pounds!

More later, but seriously, now I can’t take the last minute “what the hell, go for it, Gina” trip to London I was working on! LOL. Life is tough.

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