What?!!?! Kirstie moved OUT?!!?!!?…..and other Amazing Stories

Well, hello! It’s been a while since I’ve written and for that I apologize. I have plenty of excuses for this lack of action here, but I won’t put you thru the boring steps of reading them……

First, some business:

  • Today is my Aunt Kay’s Birthday! Special shout out to my favorite Aunt! I pray that today is filled with myriad blessings at that 2009 turns out to be one of the best years of your life!
  • This week I had two positive experiences on the job front (but no offers) and also prepared and presented my first business proposal through my new consulting firm, Minard Services. To learn more about this step I am taking, check out my site.
  • For a few years I had an avid reader of this blog, someone who snuck to it during class and often made the best comments. Now, she has started her own blog as well! Check it out here.

Now, for the formal update!

Kirstie Has Left the Nest!

Kirstie, who turned 18 this past September, has been attending college since August. She is a nice blend of me and Edgar, being somewhat shy but outgoing at the same time. Around Christmas she mentioned she had made some friends at school who shared an apartment very close to the campus, and was considering moving in with them. I listened, as a good mother does, but I seriously didn’t take what she was saying to heart because, well, she had it made at home. So, when she brought it up again this past week, and when doing so had more details and very detailed questions, my little mother ears popped up. Suddenly, I KNEW she was serious! My first reaction was YES, she’s moving out! But as the reality of the situation manifested itself, I began to think……OMG, my baby is leaving!

I ain’t gonna lie, this has been a tad hard for me. I worry about her – not that she will be hurt or anything……more like, “Does she have all the staple items she probably takes for granted? Is she washing her clothes? Will she have enough money for rent AND food AND fun? Will she clean her room?” The list goes on. What is hilarious about this concern is that it started about 2 hours after she moved out. LOL

So, yesterday I stopped by her place to see it and hang out. It IS a nice place and her set up is cute. We went to dinner together and then went shopping. She bought a bike so that she can ride it to school, thus saving the VERY HIGH parking fee for school. I gave her a bit of money so she doesn’t have to stress and then I left. And I felt better but maybe not completely. 🙂 This whole thing is new for me so I know it will take time to adjust…..

Restoration and Peace

In the last few months, I have eluded here that I lost a very close friend. I did, and it was based in large part on my own actions. Well, actions that I knew would upset her. I think there were more factors on both sides that lead to the ending that occurred, but it is what it is.

What was hard for me, though, is that I missed her very much. She and I melded in ways hard to express here. I didn’t know how to deal with that loss and figured she hated me. I thought about contacting one of her daughters to figure if there was even a chance we could talk, but then I decided to go straight to the source. So, I sent the following text:

“Hey hope you’re doing well. Is it unreasonable for me to request dinner or meeting for a cocktail?”

A quick moment passed and I received the following response:


Honestly, my heart dropped as I realized the damage I had truly caused. I felt the realization of my loss yet again, then chastized myself for focusing only on my feelings. As I drove (yes, I am now breaking California law…), I responded:

“Ok sorry”

I continued to absorb the reality of the situation, envisioning the years of friendship from the past and the potential emptiness of the future, when I received the following text:

“Oops, I said it backwards! I meant I’d be open”

Wow! So, although it is fair to say that there are always consequences to our actions and relationships can be altered by things we do, we met and it went well. I was concerned about the initial interaction, but it amazed me that sitting down with her was COMFORTABLE. It’s like when you are wearing new shoes all day and they are rubbing your toes wrong or too tight around your heel, and then you get home and put on your favorite pair of shoes and go, “aaaggghhhhh!” So, at least for me, the night was much about that “aaaggghhhh!” feeling.

Wow, That is a Cool Story!

I missed much of the hoopla during the day regarding the plane crash into the Hudson River as I had an interview and then went to see Kirstie. So when I walked home and saw interviews and heard the details, I was amazed and happy that no one was killed. So, it is with this reverence and appreciation that I share this story about the pilot of the plane, Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III. The story made me smile and I hope you enjoy it!

Okay, I have TONS of homework to get to, so GINA OUT!

Next time, I will share about my Academy Award plans!

2 thoughts on “What?!!?! Kirstie moved OUT?!!?!!?…..and other Amazing Stories

  1. at first i was like aw shes mentioning someone in her blog how nice then i click on the thingy and i was like what the heck! its me!

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