Um, It was one of “Those Days”!

Yesterday, January 16th, was a day filled with ups and downs! Let me try to recapture them here!

  • Got a call from two places that want to interview me, will see about that next week.
  • Got a call from Rita, who said she thought she figured out what was wrong with my scooter, and we decided that she would pick me up, bring me back to finalize the fix, and then I could ride it home.
  • Said plan was implemented, but a few glitches came up.  First, the part Rita found online actually did NOT exist at the store that claimed so online.  So, Rita decided the part was only a small piece of the fix and could be obtained later.  Then, we charged the battery, which had died over the months I hadn’t driven my bike, and then we were good to go……except the engine wouldn’t turn over!  My bike does not have a kick start and I didn’t have any idea what to do to fix this situation!  That’s when Rita came up with the idea that she could get a starter booster or something…..we went to Pep Boys, got the can, but I was not really convinced.  She sprayed it into a part of the engine, closed it back up, and I tried the engine again…..viola!  It started!
  • So, we had dinner and then I got geared up to head home, from Woodland Hills to Anaheim Hills.  I waited until the bulk of the Friday traffic passed and then headed home, excited for what the weekend of riding would bring!
  • The drive at first was not bad…..although it was dark and it had been several months since I’d ridden, I had a good handle on things.  I was taking my time – I didn’t have a schedule – and I didn’t want to take any chances.  One unfortunate decision, however, was to take the 5 freeway from the 134 instead of my usual route of 134-210-57-91.  I knew the 5 would have more traffic, but the route would be shorter – therefore, that’s what I did.  I was tooling along slowly, around 60-65 mph, being very cognizant of everything around me.  Suddenly, a car that was in the fast last changed lanes in front of me (I was in the second lane) and immediately slammed on his brakes in front of me.  Since he was between 10-15 feet in front of me, I didn’t have much room to stop.  I admit I panicked a bit and hit my brakes too hard and then my back tire locked and slid to the left.  Before I had another thought, my back crashed into the right back of his bumper and immediately the front of my bike exploded like it was made up of legos.  The next thing that happened was a was flying and I saw the ground of the freeway coming closer…..I thought “This is gonna hurt.”  I don’t know if I rolled, slid, or what, but my next thought was “the car behind me is gonna run me over!”  So, almost miraculously, I hopped on my hands and feet, jumped up and prepared to jump out of the car’s way.  Fortunately, the cars behind me stopped and didn’t hit me.  The next thing was I heard a guy yell from his car, “Are you okay????”  I answers, “I don’t know.”  He asked again and I gave the same answer.  At this point, I must report a sad occurrence – within seconds of my crash, and once it was clear that I was not laying dead of the freeway, numerous Los Angeles drivers began to honk and cuss for me to get out of their way!!!  Had I not been in shock or whatever, I would have shared some thoughts with those drivers!  However, I WAS in shock or whatever, and tried over and over again to lift my bike, which would not budge.  Fortunately, a nice man, along with the original guy who asked if I was okay, helped me lift the bike and move it to the shoulder.  They ALSO stopped the slower lanes from speeding by as they honked…..sheesh!  I never really go to thank those two men – they were amazingly kind.  The guy I hit had pulled over to the side farther ahead and came running to see if I was okay.  I think he felt responsible, and I guess he might be based on my insurance’s feedback, but he was kind to me.

I am tired from writing right now, but I will write more later.  Overall, I am okay – have some nasty bruises, a sprained shoulder, and a bruised tailbone.

More later!

2 thoughts on “Um, It was one of “Those Days”!

  1. Dear Gina,
    Just read about your accident and am so happy that you are alive and fairly OK. I know you are careful
    but it is the other guys that are the problem. I hope you will follow your first mind which is almost always the best thing.
    I love you and please take care of your injuries. I hope it wasn’t the shoulder that had the surgery.

  2. Thank God you’re ok! I too hope your recently repaired shoulder is not the newly sprained one!! You are definitely a wild woman….

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