Fake Friends

I am tired today so not sure how long I will be able to write in my normal profound way….LOL….I am so modest!

I friend was telling me about a sermon she heard about fake friends.  The bottom line of the sermon was that fake friends can and do cause more pain in your life than your enemies.  That is an interesting point and one in which I believe.  I guess I am sort of in a pity party mood, because it is easy and sad to know I have already made a long list of friends I realized during the past year fit the “fake friends” category……

So what do I mean by fake friends?  For me, I also add the title “Christian Fake Friends” to the description.  I guess the most painful aspect of this area for me is this – many of the friends who dropped me like a hot potato are very vocal about their Christian faith.  They talk about going to church, how they are involved in this or that ministry, or seem to promote their holiness.  Yet, as soon as they realized I am not perfect or don’t meet their definition of a Christian, they left without even a goodbye.  They now shun me like I am a leper or something.  And there are even some who still claim to be my friends today, yet treat me the same way.  That is worse than an enemy, who at least I KNOW hates me……

NOTE:  I have lost some other friends who at least told me WHY and I am not including them in this tyrade.  I have also maintained amazing friends who obviously have concern for aspects of my life, yet choose to show me the love of Christ despite these concerns.  I choose to model my own actions after these friends and pray that the pain and bitterness I am still experiencing from my fake friends be removed so I can truly feel like a follower of Christ.

All I am saying is this – I don’t want you in my life if you despise me!  But don’t act all righteous when you can’t even have the common courtesy to acknowledge you are fake and phony and judgmental.  When you think of me and realize how much better you are than me and thank God that you removed me from your life……I hope something makes you see yourself in the mirror and acknowledge that you are as stained as I am!  and I will work on not judging you……

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