Sorry for the Silence

Lots of drama and fun in my life, so haven’t had much time to write.  I am hungry right now, so this will be quick:

  • I sent to Physical Therapy on Friday and it looks to be great AND hard work.  Reginald is my PT and is nice.  I have exercises to do and they are simple, but much harder then I anticipated!
  • The kids are GREAT!  Was able to spend the weekend with the boys and it was fantastic.  They are VERY comfortable in my new dregs so that makes it that much more fun.  They even let me get their hair trimmed!
  • I quit my job on Friday.  The ultimatum was not reached and, in fact, things had gotten much worse and Lien’s husband (one of the owners) pretty much said what she says, goes.  I didn’t have a title, clear responsibilities, unclear reporting channels, and was made to outright break California Labor Law.  Further, I had no authority, not even being able to send a generic fax without both of their approval.  So, I said forget it even though this economy is so bad.  It may have been a bad decision, but I was tired of having pain in my gut and other physical/emotional negative effects on my life.  Plus, I could be prosecuted for a misdemeanor for some of the things they wanted me to do, so why stay?  I DO have to say, I have nothing but respect for Corey, the owner who contacted me, and whom really wanted to make the necessary changes and who backed me up , often leading to confrontations with Son.  I am sorry to leave him.
  • Now, it’s time to focus on the holidays……

Hope my faithful readers (and those who read it several times a day!) have a great day and holiday season.  For those in Southern California, especially those that were effected by the recent fires, I pray that you drive safely and avoid the mud slides, etc.

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