The Gauntlet

Just a quick update about work.  The crap is pretty thick there and it has gotten very ugly.  There is no “team” where I work and it is now evident that Lien is not leaving and her unreasonable and incorrect management of the Accounting will continue despite the fact that I am “officially in charge”.  She is out right rude and she is even taking steps to harrass me.

Sounds dramatic – sorry – but it seems lately that my life is a freaking soap opera!

But here is the deal – Gina said enough is enough.  I gave both owners details and an ultimatum; figure out in black and white what I have been hired for.  That I need to have authority if all the responsibility is mine.  That I am tired of being treated like crap by the owner’s wife.  That he wants a team and his own wife and HER FAMILY that work there do not even TALK to me.

The managing owner said he would have my answers for me today, so either I am out of a job, or things will be getting better.  Part of me really hopes for the former.

One thought on “The Gauntlet

  1. I’ve found many problems with employers that are unreasonable, hence my bliss in being my own boss. People are strange and out right weird . You are just a employee doing her job as advertise and I know you are doing it well. I hope they come to their sences, but it seems as if Lien is threatened by your good work. I’m proud you stood up for yourself and hope things change for you . The upside if they don’t, you won’t have the long commute. And to think you are working in your injured state. What jerks!

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