Lots of Catching Up to do…….Sort Of

Okay…..lots of ground to cover and yet I don’t have much time before my next Vicodin kicks in…….well, actually it is already kicking in, so this will not be the post I had hoped it to be!

Thanksgiving was great!  I went to Edgar’s house and he, the kids, Anita and Luciano, and my Dad and Ellie celebrated together.  Here is a pic of Dad and Ellie, specifically taken for my Aunt Kay:


My shoulder is doing pretty good.  I did way too much yesterday and thought it’d be good to lay off the pain meds – the two are a bad combination.  I ended up being in the worst pain I have felt since the surgery and it took quite some time for it to be controlled.  It was not pleasant and I was, unfortunately, cranky!  Rita, David and I went into West Hollywood yesterday and had fun, but I ended the night early with my pain (well, I think it was after midnight).  Fortunately I made it thru the cranky stage and pain – as did Rita, who got the brunt of my crankiness!

Today I have done a bit better – have taken it easier, worked on school, and watched Rita get all my stuff organized in her place.  What?  Does that make sense?  Oh yeah, think I missed a big part of my weekend….

Let’s see – my best friend had one condition to our friendship.  Unfortunately, that one thing became an issue and we are now no longer friends.  It became more complicated by the fact that I was living in her home, which she opened up to me very generously last year when my own home was vacated (that is another long and dramatic story, but old news by now).  Anyway, so I had planned to move temporarily into Edgar’s place, but it’s pretty full there with the kids and his parents.  He was willing and offered to house me anyway, but Rita was nice enough to allow me to move into her place until I had time to get an apartment or whatever.  So on Friday, Rita, Kenny, Edgar and I (well, having just had surgery, didn’t do very much) moved the bulk of my stuff to storage and the rest (including my beloved bike) is here at Rita’s.  So today Rita moved a dresser into her office and cleaned out a closet there for my stuff.  I have to say, she’s been really amazing through this transition and I am very thankful for her!  And Edgar and Kenny were just as amazing organizing my storage and working their butts off with my stuff!

And how has my Gracie done with the transition?  Well, she loves it here!  Nike, Rita’s rotweiller, is the best big brother she could ever ask for!  But, truth be told, Gracie is the boss in the relationship!  Here they are relaxing together:


On Saturday, we took both dogs to the vet; Nike for a check up and Gracie to get her left eye checked out because it has been running.  Both also had “spa treatments”!  They came home healthy, clean, and happy!

And that, my friends, is all that I can write now because I am sleepy!  Working tomorrow will be interesting as I take multiple naps a day!  Plus, being out here in the valley, I am not looking forward to the commute!

I will write more later!

2 thoughts on “Lots of Catching Up to do…….Sort Of

  1. I’m glad you had the much deserved happy holiday and I’m happpy that you are feeling better. I had to stop my pain pills as well, as I feel no pain, then realized I’ve hurt myself by doing housework. Love you and glad you have so many good friends to help you. You Dad and Ellie look great!

  2. I just love the pic of David & Ellie. Sorry I haven’t seen it before today. Jay has been quite sick again and he demands all of my attention when he is sick. No computer, no telephone, none of my religious programs on T.V. I guess he is very spoiled, but I feel so bad when he is so sick. Glad you had a nice b-day. Love you.

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