Friday – Yippee!

Okay, so I still have my job.  Not the outcome I really hoped for, but things seem to have settled down.  More on that later (well, in another post).

Today I turn 41!  That’s not so bad (picture me saying that to myself, over and over….).  I woke up to the best today!

  • Calls from Zack and Sophia, who I haven’t talked to in some time, and it was great
  • Calls from Kenny, who insists on saying that I look good for 50!  (Wonder where he gets THAT from?)
  • Edgar called too and he was pretty nice, although he IS 6 years older than me!
  • Rita gave me a lovely card and dark chocolate kisses as well as an adorable card from Nike and Gracie.
  • Teddi sent nice birthday wishes via text.
  • I have a coffee press at work and yummy Espresso, so the caffeine is flowing!
  • Kirstie called this afternoon and made me smile.  She is sweet AND sarcastic, just like her ma.
  • LOTS of comments on Facebook, which is cool.
  • My crazy sister Linda called and sang her very own rendition of Happy Birthday.  Thank  GOD my hearing is off!  lol

Sorry if I forgot anyone!  And I will add more later as they happen……

Tonight Rita and I are going out someplace.  Tomorrow Edgar, the kids, and Rita are taking me someplace else – all hush hush – although Kenny said we’re going bowling, which is quite hilarious considering I just had surgery on my shoulder!  That kid so has my sense of humor and that freakin’ SCARES me!

Speaking of my shoulder – it’s a little better everyday.  Still sore, still stiff.  I like not having to wear my sling but sleeping on my left side is still a bear.  I am looking forward to physical therapy.

Okay, best get going and all that!

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