Motorcycle Lessons – Day 2 (Updated with Pics & Info)

Okay, I am VERY tired and a little sore (shoulder is screaming) so this will be brief.

I rocked on the motorcycle! To see pics from the day, click here. Got up to 3rd gear, got really good with balancing on the tight curve course, mastered the emergency stop, and didn’t fall once. I DID stall the bike a couple times – oops, forgot to pull in the clutch! But the instructor DID say to me near the end of the day, “You said this is your first time riding? Wow, I would never have thought that!” Daddy would be proud!

So tomorrow a few more lessons and then THE TEST. We shall see!

As for now, some strong prescription drugs and sleep!


Okay, so let me admit something – I was a little scared.  I mean, the last time I tried to ride, I kind of crashed.  Okay, I crashed.  And I broke my Dad’s Harley.  Serious stuff!  So even though this bike was smaller, I was a-scared!  But the lessons were AWESOME and really eased us into moving the bike, using the clutch, using the bike, etc.  It was very good for building confidence and reducing the fear factor.

I need to get ready for my final class, but I wanted to share something.  As you can see from the pics I added, I was wearing boots, jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a full face helmet.  It was probably in the mid 90’s yesterday.  IT WAS HOT!  I was really sweating, especially after a break and then sitting on the BLACK seat!  Whoa.  Sorry to gross you out, but I was sweating so much that, even though I had (seriously) 2 liters of water, I never had to go to the bathroom!  NOT ONCE ALL DAY!  When I finally got home, my bladder was not that full either!  TMI?  Well, at least I hope you get it in perspective!  So I am dreading that today as we HAVE to wear the gear noted.  Sheesh!  But I guess there ARE some safety bennies, huh?

Okay, have a great Sunday!

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