Motorcycle Lessons – Day 3

Okay, the day started out ROUGH.  First thing, immediately when class started, we had to ride a low speeds making a figure 8 within a rectangle.  We could not touch the ground or use our brakes.  It was all clutch and throttle control as well as counterweight use.  IT WAS HARD!  We didn’t get to warm up, get used to the bikes, or anything!  We all sucked, were stalling out or fumbling, and it set a bad start to the day.  We were cranky!

Our Coach, Rich, explained and apologized that this was the schedule but agreed it was not a good plan.  We moved on to fun, fast, and EASIER lessons and started getting our mojo back!

One of the lessons was going about 15-20mph into a tight curve and making an emergency stop.  The thing about stopping when turning is that you CAN’T or else you will probably crash… you need to straighten up from the lean before you hit the brakes.  The guys in the class would go into the turn going about 10mpg and not lean…..really lame.  I was booking it and got pretty good.  Coach Rich says to me, “Well, you’re the only one really doing it, the guys are all chicken!”  (I was the only girl today)  Woohoo!

Okay, the test consisted of the figure 8 (doh!), an emergency swerve (no prob), a quick stop (no prob), and a controlled turn which included braking without downshifting (no prob).  Fortunately, I did pretty good on the figure 8 – I learned that my bike was easier to control in 2nd gear, although I DID pop out of the rectangle a little on my second loop.  The others I did pretty well, but I think my quick stop was about 2 feet too long.

Only 5 of the 6 in my class passed…….

1 rider has been riding for several years, using permits, and decided to finally get a license.

5 of us were first time riders.

I got the highest score in the class!


Next thing – to pass the written test at the DMV!

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