Motorcycle Lessons – Day 1

Okay, did I tell you that I am taking motorcycle lessons? Well, I AM! Let’s cover some areas here:

WHO – That would be me, Gina. Oh solo mio. I made a few friends in class though!

WHAT – This is a three day course under the direction of the CHP through the CMSP (California Motorcycle Safety Program) and MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation).

WHERE – classes are held in Orange County about 7.2 minutes from my house!

WHY – Many of you know me, and probably know my Dad has been an avid biker for many years (all of my life). He is even called, on occasion, Grandpa Harley by my kids. (Admittedly, this started because, when Kirstie was little, she was confused by her grandpa and uncle having the same name AND the fact he had a harley!). Alas, I have always enjoyed motorcycles – LOVED being the passenger with my Dad, even in the days when helmets were not required! I have dreams even now where I am riding and LOVE it. So, I want to ride too. But, knowing how dangerous they can be, realizing there is much more to it than just jumping on and doing it, and considering the traffic and other factors in beautiful Southern California, I decided it was best to learn the right way! (And, since I dumped said Harley once, which was more than enough!)

HOW – this class, offered by OC Motorcycle Training, is a three day course; one day in classroom, two days on ranges applying theory AND getting the exposure to actually controlling a motorcycle. IF I pass the class, I will receive a California State Motorcycle Training Certificate, allowing me to waive the on-motorcycle examination at the DMV. However, I will still have to also pass the written exam at the DMV. (AND, I was told last night, if I haven’t taken the DRIVING written exam within the last 6 months, I will have to do that too! Dun dun dun….)

Recap of Last Night

So last night was the classroom portion of the training. LOTS of info to absorb! Most was common sense stuff, but I got a little nervous when the instructor (who is HOT, btw! Hot like Justin Timberlake!) started talking about techniques to avoid problems (letting off the throttle in this situation, applying the brake HERE but not THERE, etc.) But I told myself to calm down because, 1) Most of that info would be covered in detail when we are on our bikes and 2) I am hoping many of the items he mentioned would be intuitive when I am on the bike.

I am fortunate that I have been exposed to bikes all my life, because at least I know where all the items are located (brakes, gear shift, throttle, etc.) I was surprised that many had no clue!

So, we took a written test last night, which had to be passed in order to proceed with the next two sessions. 50 questions! I totally tricked Rona when I got home! She, Sandy, and Stephanie arrived after I did as the class actually got out about an hour early. When Rona was like, “Why are you home already?” I said, “I totally didn’t pass the first test, so I am out of the program!” I have to say, getting out early really helped with the charade! I had her going for about 15-20 seconds before I couldn’t carry it on! LOL

People, of course I passed! 48 correct. That’s 96%! Not my best, but it will do! LOL

So the next two days will be on the motorcycles. 5 hours each day. Intense! I just hope I can learn and don’t kill myself! I wish my Dad was there because he would help me at least stay calm. 🙂

My Dad is an EXCELLENT rider! I believe he was in 2 accidents in his life; one where a car turned left in front of him, realized it was a mistake, and stopped. He broke some ribs on that one I think. The other was on his ATV; he was going fast (it was a big ATV) and hit a downed tree or something that came up quick.

I would always love riding with my Dad, I never was scared. My Mom “forbid” us having rides, but I have to admit when she wasn’t around we would do it. There WAS the time, when I was about 16, when my Mom went to the mountains with friends for the weekend. I begged my Dad for a ride on his Gold wing, which is what he had then, and he agreed. He got it out, warmed it up, I hopped on, and we began to take off. All of a sudden, as we were going down our street, here comes Mom! She had an abscessed tooth or something and rushed back from vacation to get to the dentist! Dun dun dun, we were BUSTED! We pulled it off though, saying we were just going up and down our street (which was NEVER the case). Did I mention my mother is Italian? YOU WOULD BE SCARED TOO! LOL But my Dad loved us and would never knowingly endanger us! And I know some of you might not like motorcycles and I do understand the risk related to them, but I just love the feeling………and I loved riding with my Dad. I am a little sad that he no longer has his Harley…..

Anyway, I got of on a tangent there. This happens when I wake up in the middle of the night and decide to post! *ding*

So I will let you know how day 2 goes. Hopefully I don’t break anything!

And DAD – I JUST got your voice message! I have no idea what the deal is, but thanks for calling and I will call back later today! Smooches!

Sorry for any typos – the Vicodin has kicked in!

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