Photos of Disneyland

Okay, I am not feeling very into creative writing right now, but didn’t want to hold off on the pics, either. No, I did NOT find the cable, but instead bought a cheap card reader!

I am also too tired to pick out one or two, upload them, format them, and get them in this post.  So instead, go here to see the pics!

Oh, and today on the way to the beach I got a speeding ticket.  22 Fwy near Euclid going 80 in a 65 zone!  Yes, I usually drive 80.  Yes, I know it was just a matter of time.  Too bad I got my car fixed….just think, if I couldn’t accelerate, I wouldn’t be in this position!  Doh!  Naw, I would find a way.  Dang it!

Gina Out!

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