The Idea of Loyalty

Merriam-Webster defines loyalty as the quality or state or an instance of being loyal.

Loyal meaning unswerving in allegiance: as a: faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government b: faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due c: faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product.

Overall, I believe loyalty is commendable AND necessary. It is true in all relationships, whether they are romantic, platonic, related to your job, etc. And yet, I am finding out loyalty is either one sided or fickle. Maybe I am the same way too, I am not sure, but it sure irks me that loyalty is more of a theory than a common practice nowadays!

For example, it is true that my friends expect me to be loyal to them… honor them with honesty, keeping my word, etc. I don’t blame them. Yet, I have witnessed that when it comes to ME, excuses are often given to explain why commitments can’t be kept or why “the rules” don’t apply to them as well. But it’s not PERSONAL or anything, right? And I am realizing this “problem” is my fault too, because I let it happen and don’t stand up for myself. Something I am working on.

However, I would be remiss to not share that I have people in my life who are extremely loyal; two of whom are Martin and Kathleen. Even when I don’t remain loyal to them (I keep saying I will visit their church and then don’t!) they always check up on me, send me emails, pray for me……I can certainly learn a thing or two from their example! Thanks to both of you for being true, loyal friends. And Martin – two things; 1) I have “I’m A Man” on my iPod so that’s where I heard it, and 2) I agree with your comments regarding the Jesus pic I posted!

Challenge for the day – think about someone else today and try to act loyal, if just a little bit!

Gina OUT

3 thoughts on “The Idea of Loyalty

  1. Loyality is always expected from people..especially when then are not. It’s like using “becuase I”m your relative, so I can walk all over you”. Loyality is a lost art, but one that I know we both taught by our grandparents is the key to all relationships. Without it, it is a realtionship not worth having. The self-doubt you have about your own( like any good person should ) is how the un-loyal use your goodness to not treat you in kind. You can call it Karma, but I have seen many people happy to take avantage of our old fashion values and have it bite it on their butts. You are one of the most loyal people I know, but I’m afraid in your wise years, you are seeing people for how then have always been. Nothing like an illness in the family or hardship for you to see who your real friends are. I have to say there were people that we barely knew, that were better people than our “friends” for decades. Love you cuz and God bless your family. Love, Christine

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