More Disneyland Vacation…..

Okay, so I had intended on showing some awesome pics this morning……but you see, something happened.  Before I left on vacation I asked myself, “Should I bring the cable for the camera?”  And I can’t remember what I answered and now can’t find the dang thing!  Am I dumb?  YES!  So I hope to resolve this little fiasco soon, but for now I will just bore you with my witty writing…….

On Tuesday, we were brave little travelers and got up early to take advantage of being able to access Disneyland before it opens to the public.  My boys woke pretty quickly for sure but this body was so-so.  Hannah is so cute – we would say, “Hannah, we’re going to Disneyland!” and she would respond, “We’re already here!”  (This conversation was a staple for the entire trip!)

I have to say that I haven’t been to Disneyland with a little one for quite a while, so it was neat to see her get enthralled by so many things.  The boys still get excited too, don’t get me wrong, and we had so much fun.  Nemo was one of our first rides, and it was cute.  We drove Autopia and Kenny was not as thrilled as we are now regulars at K1 Speed, lol.  The boys and I went on Space Mountain and it was a blast!  All the time was great and the boys love Hannah almost as much as she loves them.

Okay, here’s an honest moment from Gina – I am too tired to write more!  So I will do this later!

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