Recap of Our Vacation – Monday

Well, despite my technical arrogance, I can’t get the internet to work for my laptop and despite my excitement for having JUST RECEIVED MY NEW 3G IPHONE, I do not have the patience to type this post out on its tiny keyboard, one finger at a time!  So instead I am writing down my “blogness” in Word to post at a later time!

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but Kenny, Josh, and I are taking a last minute, quickly planned, mini-vacation at the Disneyland Resort!  It’s kind of funny because we live so close that every night we hear the fireworks go off, so when the employees here say, “So where are you from?” they laugh when we tell them.  But heck, even us Southern Californians deserve a trip to the happiest place on earth!

Anyway, my friend Cathy and her granddaughter Hannah are with us as well, and that just adds a level of fun to the adventure!  Hannah is 2 ½ years old and gets SO EXCITED about things……but I am getting ahead of myself……..

So we are staying at the resort through Wednesday – we checked in a little after 3pm and the boys were EXCITED.  When we entered the parking structure (where I happened to nab an AMAZING space), there was a security officer doing something nearby.  Josh wanted to meet “the officer”, to say hi.  But as much as he was excited to do so, he was “too shy” to go alone.  So we walked over and he said, “Hello Officer!”  We had a very nice conversation and he was VERY good with Josh, so that was a great way to start.

Checking is was cool too and I must say, I JUST made these reservations days ago and had requested adjoining rooms for me and my friend Cathy.  It worked without a hitch and the service here thus far has been stellar!

So we spent several hours at the pool, which is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel and includes a cool water slide, although Kenny didn’t like it too much.  He has been to several water parks AND he said it scratched his back.  Josh was not interested in going at all.  He seemed a little hesitant to do anything at first……

Cathy and Hannah went to go get drinks and the boys and I jumped into the pool.  Suddenly, my REAL Josh appeared!  Swimming, laughing, goofing around with his mother.  Kenny was having fun too, and is a very good big brother.  We had a blast and were happy when Cathy and Hannah returned so we could commence the bonding.

Hannah is a little shy at first…..since I haven’t seen her in a while, it was like starting over.  She was shy with the boys at first too.  Then, suddenly in the pool, the giggles started again and I was like, “YES, she is remembering me!”  But that elation was short lived.  Why?  Because she started having all her fun with Kenny and Josh!  She would sometimes push me or splash me, more because when she did Kenny would say, “Good job Hannah, give me five!”  Sigh.

We went back to the hotel, got changed, and then went to Downtown Disney.  Hannah saw Rain Forest Café and really wanted to go there.  Cathy was very sweet and said, “well, let’s see if the boys want to go there” to which Hannah received two thumbs up.  There wasn’t a long wait – we totally lucked out because the masses arrived shortly after us – and we got a great table upstairs.  That’s when the fun REALLY started.  For, you see, Hannah has a new crush……KENNY!  You should have seen her face light up as she sat next to him, the way she practically sat in his chair the whole time, the way that she would give him food (she passed cheese sticks, etc.)  She likes Josh too, but she LOVES Kenny!  Afterward, she only wanted Kenny to push her stroller!  And you must know, she is VERY attached to her Nana, so this was a big deal!

Also in the restaurant, she was adorable when the thunderstorm started!  When the lights would flash her eyes got SO big!!!  It was adorable!  The second storm she covered her eyes and then afterward said, “I was scared of the storm!” but then giggled at Kenny.  Sigh.  Wow, young love!

Josh entertained Hannah as well.  They shared small pirate knives, checked out items in the lego store, and the three of them would play games and giggle and run, etc.

Cathy and I had fun, too – the food was great, the kids were very well behaved, and although Downtown Disney was crowded, it wasn’t crazy.  It was very relaxing!  I think it was a great first day of the mini-vacation!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Cathy bought boulets (I don’t know how the hell to spell it!  If I have internet access I would look it up!) but those delicious donut like things that are famous in New Orleans.  YUMMY!  They were warm, covered with powdered sugar, and an EXCELLENT ending to a great evening!

Okay, I need to get back to bed!  I woke up at 2:30 am and need my sleep for our first day at the theme parks!  GOOFY, HERE I COME!

Gina OUT!

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