August 15th – An Awesome Day

Okay, I have been having a little too much fun with the convertible, because I missed an important post!

August 15th would have been my Grandma Minard’s 90th Birthday. I wish she were here to celebrate with all of us that love her……her last birthday on earth was her 80th and she was amazingly fit at that time! Of course I don’t have any of the pics from the occasion scanned, so I can’t share, but I do recall asking her to walk more slowly as I couldn’t keep up with her…….

My Grandma – Mary Catherine – was an amazing woman. She grew up during the depression and had many siblings. I laugh now in fondness, but the woman would bend over for a penny! I would tease her, say, “Hello Grandma, it is a PENNY!” and she would come back with a witty response. All of my life she was a strong woman, and I remember sitting enthralled listening to stories of her youth, the early years of her marriage, some of the trials she experienced over the years, and so much more. I remember when she passed away, well meaning people would say, “Well, at least she had a long life….” which really ticked me off at the time because she was so RESILIENT and FIT! I wish you could have met her so you’d know what I am talking about. I see these qualities in my Dad and Aunt Kay as well and that helps to fill the empty space my Grandma left when she was called to heaven.

There are still many times when I feel the loss of her – I STILL have thoughts when I say to myself, “Oh my gosh, I need to call Grandma and tell her this!” Or there are times when I have vivid dreams about her, I am SO EXCITED that she is alive, and when I wake up I have a mini loss/grief session again when I realize it was just a dream. Or small things like I will be on the phone with my Dad and he will say something that sounds SO MUCH like her and my heart does a combo sigh/sob. But most of the time I smile at the many memories and life lessons Grandma gave me and I walk through my life with the heritage she provided through my veins.

Christine – I know you TOTALLY understand this so it brings me comfort that you’re out there!

Some quick memories:

  • When I was VERY young, we had cats in my house. I have a faint memory of them jumping on the back of her robe in the morning and she was not happy. LOL
  • Grandmas was always way cool. She would come visit every summer and that meant ACTION for us kids! Dineyland, Knott’s……yep! I rode my first roller coaster with my Grandma, who actually shamed me into it! I didn’t want to go but she said, “Are you going to to tell your friends that you were too chicken but your GRANDMA went on it?!?”
  • When Grandma came out for my graduation from high school, I had the privilege of body surfing with my Grandma! YES, body surfing! She was 68 and kicked butt!
  • One of my fondest memories is of Grandma and Kirstie singing and dancing to “Achy Breaky Heart” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

There are many more…….

I know this may sound two dimensional to you on this blog – can one really get the essence of a person in this medium? But this post is more for me – a granddaughter who loved deeply, was loved deeply as well, and who is proud of her Grandma beyond measure. Happy Birthday Grandma – I am glad you got to spend it with Grandpa and Jesus…….and I love and miss you very very much.

2 thoughts on “August 15th – An Awesome Day

  1. Thanks for remembering Ma on her birthday. I know she loved you very much and was so proud of you. I still do the same as you. I say that I have to call her and then remember that she is no longer with us. I guess that is how it will always be when you lose a loved one. Love you, Aunt Kay

  2. We sure are lucky to be so blessed to have Grandma in our lives. I too have the need to share moments with her and am lost when I have to tell myself heaven doesn’t have a phone. I know that she took pride in all of us grandchildren and lived her life 110% (like you do) until it was time for her to join Grandpa.She lives in our hearts and our values. Thank you for thinking of me. Happy Birthday Grandma!
    Love, Christine

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