Gina has her brain on again…..

…..and well, thinks she smells smoke!

When I was at the Museum of Tolerance (MOT), I was touched very deeply.  (To hear some thoughts already posted, check out this blog entry.)  When I was there, seeing the propoganda the Nazi party shoveled out, see the faces of so many tortured…..seeing the faces and hearing the stories of the millions who were murdered…….well, it made it easy to despise those who caused such carnage.   Hearing Hitler say, “I am doing the work of the Lord” DID tick me off pretty well, and directing the bulk of my anger towards him was quite easy.

So, the last few days I have lived with this anger, judgement, and actual hate for Hitler.  Thinking of him burning in hell day after day, being tormented as he so deserves.

But yesterday, a thought hit me (and also collided with a picture a friend sent….) – what if this whole time Hitler has been in heaven because he repented and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior?  To be candid, my first reaction to such a thought was, “Please Lord, tell me You didn’t save HITLER!  He doesn’t deserve it!”

That was a painful place for me to be…….actually thinking someone didn’t deserve to be saved!  Let’s think about that…….I could go on and say “Well, I am not as bad as Hitler, so I deserve to be saved.”  Or maybe, “I would rather see Hitler in hell and learn that Christ’s blood is not strong enough than see him in heaven!”

Is that blasphemous?  Can I really call myself a Christian if 1) I don’t want to see EVERYONE saved, and 2) don’t fully acknowledge that the blood of Christ can and does cover ALL sins to those who love and accept Him?  (Now, I am not a theologian and have no desire to get into predestination/elections and so forth, so please don’t take me down that road!)

ANYWAY, as a Christian, do you thin we would REJOICE to see Hitler in heaven?  I mean, seriously, to see him there knowing that Christ totally did an amazing work would get me stoked.  (And as I am writing this, my body is STILL saying “I can’t, I really can’t want him there!”)  But what about me?  I did not participate in a horrible genocide of an entire culture, as well as include anyone that opposed me, but do I deserve to be saved?  I mean, I cuss like hell, I hate, I lose faith, I am a horrible rendition of what I was created to be…….except for that guy named Christ.  And I haven’t done anything remotely good enough to make myself deserve to be saved…….that’s that guy’s job too.

So, on that note, what does this picture do to you?

Okay, don’t get all political on me.  OF COURSE I am not suggesting that actions on this earth do not lead to consequences – hello!  But let’s think about this…….if Hitler repented and accepted Christ……..and what about Bin Laden?  What if he had a Damascus road moment?  What if that moment was seconds before his death – a death so many would probably celebrate – and then we run into him in heaven too?  Would that tick you off?  Does the mere image of Christ washing his feet send you over the edge?

It did me, and that has really gotten me thinking about this Christian thing!

John 3:16 (New International Version)

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

More on this shortly………….Gina OUT

2 thoughts on “Gina has her brain on again…..

  1. Well……slightly thought-provoking, eh?

    OK. So if Hitler had a genuine death-bed confession of faith? He’s in heaven. When you get there – when I get there – we’ll rejoice that he’s there, ’cause what happened here won’t matter anymore. See also Matt. 20:1-16.

    I think one of the things that is fundamental here isn’t really Hitler (or Mao, or Stalin, or Osama, or whoever), it’s us. Getting bugged about whether someone we see as evil (and let’s face it, Hitler and those other guys are evil) will be in heaven if they truly confess says more about us and our attitude than them. On the one hand, it says we don’t see ourselves how deeply and truly evil we are. On the other hand, we don’t see how truly glorious and holy God is. So we minimize our own sin in comparison to other people when, from God’s point of view, we are all terrible, horrible sinners. So if He saves me, why can’t anyone else be saved?

    Now. The picture. Can I be blunt? (Wait. Who am I writing to here?!?!?! Duh.) Anyway. It’s a stupid picture. Really. Irritating. This kind of stuff totally bugs. Here’s the deal.

    First: it takes the Biblical story of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet and completely misses the point. He was teaching them about service to others, not about salvation, or politics, or hatred, or whatever. Here were the future leaders of the church learning a very important lesson: you lead by serving others, not by lording it over them.

    Second: Jesus was washing His disciples’ feet. These were men who were publicly declared to be His followers. IOW, He was serving His own who were known to be His own (even Judas who would later betray Him). The painting clearly depicts several people who are not public followers of Jesus. Not that He wouldn’t have washed their feet, if the situation arose, but again – that’s not the point of the Bible story. The picture rips the story out of its context and presumes to teach some sort of lesson – what it is I’m not entirely sure, but probably something to do with not judging others (which, can I say it again?, is not the point of the story in the Bible).

    Third: it’s poorly painted – that’s just irritating.

    Fourth: I’d rather we avoid pictures of Jesus in general. It’s a second commandment thing for me. I’m sure I’m a minority in that, but whacha gonna do, eh?

  2. Okay so the whole poorly painted – whatever. I do have to agree with his post especially the fourth point as, believe it or not, we actually agree on this.

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