Gina the Coward, Boot Camp Update, and other snoozers

So, yeah, today I was called, pretty much, a coward.  But I know I am NOT a coward, at least in the circumstance the related situation occurred.  I have been a coward before, certainly, but other people with unrealistic needs and demands do not necessarily define courage – at least in my book.  And, for what it’s worth, when someone says “this is the last message”, it appears a bit irrational when there are several afterward…….so to me, all “rules” fly out the window when you are dealing with that type of person….especially when you really don’t know them.

ANYWAY!  I went in yesterday for my assessment, to see what (if any) progress I made in boot camp.  First, let me share the standard goals for a first time enrollee:

  • 2 pounds weight loss – this takes into account the increase in muscle, which weighs more than fat
  • 2-3% reduction in BMI (body mass index – pretty much the fat…..gross)
  • about 1/2-1 inch reduction in abs

Here are my actual results (well, that I remember….Sonya needs to email me the actuals…):

  • I lost 4 pounds.  This was after being VERY bad in New York eating wise…..
  • 5% reduction in BMI
  • I consistently lost 2 inches in my upper abs, abs, hips, and butt!
  • I can’t remember the numbers, but I did well in my thigh especially and my arms were good.

My instructor was pretty surprised that I did so well, and actually so was I!  So I was jazzed!  All that TOUGH work paid off!  And, if you really want to know a secret to my success, here it is – eat every 2-3 hours!  ALWAYS include something that has protein, eat even if you’re not hungry, and before you know it your portions are smaller and you are always “satisfied”.  I fell out of this habit the last week or so, but I have to tell you – when I was doing it I felt MUCH better!  I never got that shaky, I think I am going to pass out feeling because my body was always energized by the food (and protein).  Another secret is to drink water – enough is to take your weight, divide it in half, which gives you the number of OUNCES you should drink PER DAY.  I didn’t so as well in this area, but I did make progress.  Most importantly, I got up and broke a serious sweat doing cardio, pilates, core work…..crap, I hated it most days!  But it’s great to see results!

So, Sonya and I aren’t doing the next boot camp – it’s kind of expensive – but we ARE going to go to the gym each morning!  I also am toying with the idea of beginning to bicycle ride as I truly hate to run.  So we shall see.

Also, today I had the pleasure of going to the beach with Kenny and Josh.  We had SO MUCH fun!  Kenny and I caught so amazing waves on our boogie boards!  Kenny is getting quite good actually – he totally looks like a surfer dude.  Josh was doing quite well too – he and I “rode the waves” together as well and he is much braver than I thought!  He knows when to dive under big waves, when to jump over them, and when to say, “Mom, hold me for this one!”  It was totally a blast.  Now, I need to find out about surfing lessons to Ken!

Also, update on Edgar’s business – it’s taking off!  Remember, if you need a web designer, check him out!

Okay, if this hasn’t helped you fall asleep, I suggest Advil PM or something!

Gina OUT!

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