Independence, Woohoo!

Having survived the 4th of July and the traditional celebration of our country’s independence, I am rather intrigued by the idea of independence.  Yes, there is a definition to follow!

As derived from the root word “independent”:

1: not dependent: as a (1): not subject to control by others : self-governing (2): not affiliated with a larger controlling unit <an independent bookstore> b (1): not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent <an independent conclusion> (2): not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct (3): not bound by or committed to a political party c (1): not requiring or relying on others (as for care or livelihood) <independent of her parents> (2): being enough to free one from the necessity of working for a living <a person of independent means> d: showing a desire for freedom <an independent manner> e (1): not determined by or capable of being deduced or derived from or expressed in terms of members (as axioms or equations) of the set under consideration; especially : having linear independence <an independent set of vectors> (2): having the property that the joint probability (as of events or samples) or the joint probability density function (as of random variables) equals the product of the probabilities or probability density functions of separate occurrence 2capitalized : of or relating to the Independents

So, having read that, I am glad that our country fought for independence from the English crown so many years ago.  Yet, I can’t help but analyze my own life.  I like to think of myself as very independent – self reliant, a free thinker, autonomous.  I get all prideful at times regarding this as well!  Yet, as I sit and type this, I realize that this is a crock!  I realize that I am very, very dependent on others.  How so?  Well, I rely too much on others’ opinions to define me.  I am too afraid to share my true feelings, afraid to be rejected.  Yet, if I do that, do the others really KNOW me?  I work so hard at fitting into other’s perception of me, I lose myself, and yet I sit here crying inside, hoping they see the real me – and yet do nothing to present the real me!  What is THAT about?

So, I am dependent and dumb at the same time!

Okay, I can sense the pity party coming on so I will end this analysis!

Special shout out to Edgar, who is doing a great job starting his Web Design/Programming/Drafting business!  If you know anyone who needs help with any of these, you should contact him!  He does a GREAT job!  Check out AdvantaSky for more info.

One thought on “Independence, Woohoo!

  1. Okay Miss Gina……stop the self pitting shyt….We all love you but I have to tell you something, Kir, Rona, Steph, Sandy and I know YOU ARE NOT PERFECT! Time you realize that too. We all need others to help us, to validate us, to cheer us….don’t be DUMB!

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