It’s Amazing to Realize……

… CONTENT one can be!  A few days ago I wrote about happiness – and many of you commented about this topic!  Before I go on, I think I should shout out to my Dad regarding Harleys.  So Dad, you need to help me find the right Harley and I have no idea what “apes” are (handlebars?)  We take lessons next week I think and Rona and I want to get bikes by the end of the summer.  Will ya help????  Please?

ANYWAY, I fully accept and acknowledge that my contentment is rooted in Christ, who has sustained me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  He is the foundation for my happiness.

However, I was sitting here this morning feeling the horrible ache in my legs (yep, another kick-butt boot camp today) and began to reflect on many things.  My life has totally turned around in many, many ways.  Oh sure, I could bemoan the fact I am unemployed or focus on the negative (and real) areas of my life that suck.  However, this morning such thoughts have been far, far away.  Instead, I have meditated on the fact that I have an amazing new friend in my life, I am content and even happy.  I am so happy!  I now know what it feels like to be loved – my family, my friends (both old and new) are all that matter to me now.  I no longer look back – and for that I am so pleased and feel to fulfilled.  How cool to realize the difference between today and my past, and realize I never have to look back again!

So, I hope this realization encourages you as well.

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