Serious Contest Rules the House!

There is one thing you really need to know about my living arrangements……the people in this household are serious competitors!  Guitar Hero, Rock Band, telling jokes, drinking wine……and COLORING CONTESTS!!!!

Coloring contests?!?!!?!!  YES!  Check this out:

Apparently, one of the adults won a coloring contest when they were a child and it was a big deal.  As such, there was some smack talking going on about how that must have been a fluke!  And, therefore, the coloring book and crayons came out.  The judges (Rona, Josh, and myself) had a hard time deciding on the winners, and decided each would get a prize (can you see that was a decision made by Rona?  LOL)  However, there WAS a Best in Show winner….more on that later.
Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Picture Four

The judges came up with the following results:

Picture one – Best use of texture in a crayola medium, colored by Sandy

Picture two – Best in show, colored by Aaron

Picture three – Most creative use of crayons, colored by Emma (who is 10)

Picture four – Best use of color in a crayola medium, colored by Stephanie

Now, you should have SEEN the faces when the above were announced!  You see, the person who had won as a child was AARON, so he won again!  I seriously thought Stephanie and Sandy were going to KILL us!  Of course, Aaron was saying booya left and right!  Sandy was all making fun of Tinkerbell’s tan lines in his coloring, etc.  It was hilarious.  But I have to say, Emma did a GREAT job of adding bling to her drawing!

So, this is a great example how competition, in and of itself, is so important to us here in PTown!  Pathetic?  You be the judge…..

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