Definitions of definitions

Technically, this would be:

a statement expressing the essential nature of something b: a statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol <dictionary definitions>

Having said that, how would you define yourself?  Intelligent?  Happy?  Old?  It’s interesting how we see ourselves and also how we explain ourselves to others.  For example, if you thought you were pretty, would you TELL people you were pretty, or let them figure it out themselves?    And how do you measure happiness?  Is that based on an inner knowledge or on outside stimulus?  Do we NEED things to be happy, or do they just add to the happiness that is something that is inside of us that was placed there by our Lord or our faith or our essense?

I, like you, WANT to be happy.  I can laugh with not much influence – in fact, Rona could probably tell you I laugh pretty darn easily!  And that is a part of me that is so natural, so real, and such an immense reflection of my inner happiness.  When I am laughing, I find a peace as if they universe is aligned and all things are perfect.  Yet all things are NOT perfect, and that’s why it is so supernatural to me.

So what the heck am I SAYING here?  Maybe “finding happiness” doesn’t have to be so complex, really.  I make it too complex.  I define things that I want (or, as the case may be, tell myself “I need” it) and tie happiness to those objects.  Or create scenarios in which, once reached, I will be happy.  But maybe happiness is not reached, but is with us, inside.  Maybe I need to focus on the simple things when defining my happiness, and anything above that could just be gravy.

For example, I have the best family and friends a person could ever ask for!  Why do I seek more?  Why do I tell myself that I NEED more?  Because, in truth, just having my family and friends in my life make my heart sing.  And that is supernatural.

Further, despite the crap that has been flung at me from “Christians” lately, I cannot deny that Jesus brings me much happiness.  It’s funny – when things were going well in my life, I threw out that phrase rather easily.  Yet, after the last 3 or so months, when my days were blacker than any other time in my life, He truly showed me His supernatural peace, love, and acceptance.  I could try to ignore it, try to run from Him, but He loved me throughout my darkest moments.  He did not manifest the horrible, pharisaical attitudes of that reached by a Christian Credit Union located in Brea, California (and based on information that, at best, was crap), but manifested love for me when I needed it the most.  And that has made me happy as well.

Okay, so officially, the definition of happy is:

enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment <is the happiest person I know> <a happy childhood>

And that is all the reflecting I will do today!

5 thoughts on “Definitions of definitions

  1. Classic Seinfeld:

    Jerry and Elaine discussing their friend “The Drake” and his engagement…

    Elaine: I’m really happy for them!
    Jerry: I can’t really say that I’m happy. I mean, it’s OK that they’re happy, but it doesn’t really do anything for me.

    Jerry and Elaine aside, I think the answer to your reflection on happiness is buried in the definition: contentment. Paul learned to be content whether in riches or poverty. I’m sure there were feelings of being happy or sad in both situations, but what mattered was that he was content with where God had placed him in life, whatever and wherever that was. Feelings tend to be rather flighty and temporary; contentment actually lasts through the ups and downs of legitimate emotions.

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