Happy Birthday Mom and other announcements

Some interesting events related to today, June 17th:

Of course, it’s also my mom’s 73rd birthday!  Here’s to another year mom!  Just focus on being cantankerous and stubborn, as all good Italian mothers are!  (Okay, okay, for my Italian relatives……you know I am just kidding!  No need to call Guido, honest!)

My mom was born in upstate New York (well, I THINK that’s where Endicott is!) and moved to Los Angeles when she was about two.  She definitely looks Italian, although she always had her father’s English blonde hair and light eyes.  I love looking at pictures of her when she was young – what a sexy biatch!  LOL  My dad met and fell in love with her quickly, which I am grateful for as, yeah, I kind of owe it to them for causing my conception……..is this where y’all tell me “TMI!”?

My mom has had a rough few years with her COPD, heart condition, diabetes, and myriad other issues.  She is a fighter of course, but it’s wearing down on her!  It would be great if you could pray not only for her health and protection, but also her quality of life.  And a call today (or any day!) would be wonderful (although I can’t promise she’ll remember it occurred!)

Happy Birthday Janice Lorraine – Mom – I love you!

Boot Camp

I signed up for boot camp with my friend Sonya, which happened to begin yesterday.  I will be going 4 days a week for 4 weeks (and adding some Wednesday hikes and Saturday workouts too!).  Let me tell you, day one KICKED MY BUTT and I even CHEATED on many of the routines!  Dang, I am so freaking SORE!  So today, as I am about to leave (class is from 5:30 to 6:30 am) I am a bit apprehensive!  But I also hope the routines will loosen up my tight muscles, even for a moment.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  I really want to get into shape – not only to look better and have more stamina, but also because I am reminded of the health issues I potentially have inherited from my parents……

So, Gina OUT

P.S.  Special shout out to my friend – you know who you are – who I am thinking about right now!  Thanks for making me smile!

P.P.S. Special shout out to Katelyn from Fargo, ND!  Her message to me was awesome and, well, I get the impression from her that Fargo is a kicking hot place to live!  I am glad you stumbled onto my blog and that you’ve remained!  I promise to try to keep things interesting!  Thanks for responding to my note!

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