A Post NOT about any of my organs

I have heard some people indicate the site is not reliable, but I love reading Wikipedia everyday. While some articles might have erroneous data, or information that is not referenced, I find that the majority seem reliable. They also do a good job of noting when something had not met the reference standards, etc.

Each day, the site has a section called “On This Day”. Here is some of what occurred on January 30th:

* 1649 – English Civil War: King Charles I was beheaded for high treason in front of the Banqueting House in London.

* 1826 – The Menai Suspension Bridge connecting the island of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales, one of the world’s first modern suspension bridges, opened.

* 1930 – The world’s first radiosonde, a device attached to weather balloons to measure various atmospheric parameters, was launched by meteorologist Pavel Molchanov in Pavlovsk, USSR.

* 1948 – Nathuram Godse shot Mahatma Gandhi (pictured), political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement, to death with a Beretta pistol at Birla House in Delhi.

There is also another section called “Did You Know” which has random information that, at times, really blow my socks off. Each item has links to read more about the people or events involved and its quite fascinating!

So, welcome to a weird part of the life of Gina.

One thought on “A Post NOT about any of my organs

  1. I like Wikipedia, too. And I agree, most of the information seems correct. It seems sometimes like only the really picky people have problems with the information.

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